Best Automatic Dry Cat Food Dispensers (with Timers)

Feed and Go

  • Both Wet and Dry Foods
  • Built in Webcam!
  • Programmable through Smartphone app
  • Dishwasher Proof


  • Cups of dry foods
  • Anti-spill Technology
  • Built-in mic and speaker

PetSafe Healthy Pet

  • Slow feed option for dispensing meal gradually over a short period of time.
  • 12 meals a day
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning

It's 3 am and you hear a scratch, scratch, scratching on your bedroom door. You try to ignore it and get back to your marshmallow dreams, but your kitty wants food, now.

You force yourself out of bed as your cat dances around your legs, and curse the empty bowl of kibble on the kitchen floor.

“There has to be a better way!” you tell yourself.

Well welcome to 2017, my friend!

Automatic cat feeders are a simple to solution to keep your feline friend fed, whether it's the middle of the day when you're tucked in your office, the middle of the night when you're trying to catch 40 winks, or the middle of your weekend away when your cat is home alone.

Reasons to invest in an automatic cat feeder

If you're constantly on the go, or simply want to be sure your cat has access to the food he wants when he wants it (or at his designated mealtimes), an automatic cat feeder will give you peace of mind every hour of the day.

1) You're planning a vacation

Taking off for the night? A weekend? If your pet sitter can't make it to take care of your cat more than once per day, an automatic cat feeder that drops kitten kibble into his dish at designated times will take a little stress off your plate by adding food to your cat's.

Though they do not hold an infinite supply of food and should not be used as a solution for long-term vacations without supplementing their care with a pet sitter, these can be extremely helpful on those weekend trips when you just can't convince your co-worker to stop in and feed the cat.

Don't worry about your kitten missing you too much while you're away. Many products now come with a built-in speaker, so you can record your own personalized message to call your cat when it's dinnertime.

Pair it with a stainless steel water fountain, and they'll be set for the weekend!

2) You're working long hours

Your 9 to 5 has become more of an 8 to 10, and not only are you exhausted, but your cat is starving.

Don't let your crazy work schedule get in the way of making sure your pet is getting the care she needs.

If your boss has dropped a massive project with an impossible deadline on your desk, take comfort in knowing that your automatic cat feeder will put dinner on the table (at least for your pet) when you're busy burning the midnight oil.

3) Your cat is a midnight snacker

You've tried putting your cat on a feeding schedule, but he's just not having it. If your pet prefers to do his snacking in the middle of the night, save yourself the hassle of getting out of bed at 3 am when you could be snuggled comfortably between your sheets instead.

Whether using an “automatic” feeder that simply funnels food into your cat's dish as it empties, or setting a timer to reveal a perfectly portioned bit of food, right in time for your kitty's late night craving.

4) Your cat needs to eat a certain amount of food at a certain time of day

If your pet is following a special diet for health, medical or other reasons, and can only eat carefully portioned amounts of food, an automatic feeder is a perfect solution to getting your cat the nourishment he needs, right on schedule.

There are a number of feeders on the market that can store up to six or seven portioned meals, and can be programmed to “serve” portions are specific times of the day, which is perfect for those of us who can't rush home in the middle of the day.

5) Your cat seems overweight

Some owners free-feed their cats to a point where their cats become obese. In order to introduce portion control to your feline friend and promote a healthy lifestyle, an automatic cat feeder can portion out dry foods and dispense them at certain intervals throughout the day.

Choosing the automatic cat feeder that's right for you

Here are our top four recommendations for an automatic cat feeder.

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and Wi-Fi

Dinnertime right on time.

Under the hood of this automatic feeder, you'll find six portioned, programmable compartments for storing wet or dry food so you never need to worry about your kitten missing a mealtime.

Available on
Product nameList Price
Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and WiFi$$ Check price
179179Amazon #{stars} logo(218+ reviews)

The Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder even comes with a built-in webcam for you to check in on your pet using an Android, iOS or Windows app. Talk about pet tech!

HoneyGuardian A26 Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Recorder and Timer Programmable

HoneyGuardian is another automatic feeder that allows you to program and portion your cat's meals, allowing up to four cups of dry food per serving, depending on the size of your pet.

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Product nameList Price
Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and WiFi$ Check price
79.9979.99Amazon #{stars} logo(46+ reviews)

This feeder also offers anti-spill technology and a built-in mic and speaker so you can record 12 seconds of your dinner time call so your cat never feels alone.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

Does your cat have a habit of coughing up unchewed food after nearly swallowing his dish whole? If that sounds like your furry friend, the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder is perfect for your cat.

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Product nameList Price
PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder$$ Check price
129.95129.95Amazon #{stars} logo(1,208+ reviews)

With a “slow feed” option to dispense programmed meals gradually over a short period of time instead of all at once, you won't need to worry about your cat making himself sick when he gets a tad overzealous.

Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder

Portioned meals only make sense if they stay that way! Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder comes with a new lid lock to make sure your cat's meals stay separated.

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Product nameList Price
PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder$ Check price
32.132.1Amazon #{stars} logo(1,407+ reviews)

Holding both wet and dry food with the ability to schedule up to six feedings in 24 hours, this automatic cat feeder is another affordable option that offers many of the same great features as we've seen in this list at a fraction of the price.