Best Cage Banks for Groomers, Animal Shelters and Veterinary Hospitals

Groomers Best Cage Bank

  • Available in 3,5,9-unit cages
  • Most secure cages on the market
  • Wheels for easy transport and lockability
  • Comes full assembled!

Shor-Line 2 Unit Cat Condo

  • 2-unit spaces
  • Litter box area
  • Spacious for cat's living areas

ProSelect Modular Kennel Cage Graphite

  • Can build cages on top of each other
  • Removable doors
  • Kennel car holders
  • Great for multiple cats or dogs

Need a safe and secure place to house your cat or dog? Cage banks or modular cages offer a simple solution to sheltering multiple cats at a time without the added stress of cat fights and hiss matches.

Cage banks are just what they sound like: a bank of cages that are stacked or connected, allowing the housing of multiple animals under one roof while still keeping them separated.

On the move? No problem. Many models feature casters for mobility, so you can move your pets from room to room with ease.

Cage banks come in a variety of sizes to suit tiny kittens, to longer, larger adult cats (or dogs), and offer significantly more comfort than cramped, stress-inducing pet carriers. Sizeable enough to hold a litter box (some come with boxes built in!), food and water dishes, your cat will be living the life of luxury while safely tucked out of harm or trouble’s way.

Reasons to invest in a cat cage bank or modular cages

Whether you’re welcoming new cats or other pets into your home, expanding your pet hotel or kennel, there are a variety of options on the market sure to suit your needs.

You've just welcomed a new pet into your home

Tensions can sometimes run high when introducing a new pet to your family and other pets. Perhaps you’re fostering for a short period of time, or maybe you’ve just adopted a new kitty and you want to get them settled in their new forever home.

As exciting as it can be to host a new furry friend, it’s often inadvisable to simply open the door and let the new cat roam freely within the first few days in his new home.

A cat cage bank or modular cat cage is the best solution for an easy transition from one home to the next. Laying comfortably in a roomy cage within your home can help your cat acclimate to the sights, sounds, and smells at his own pace, from the comfort of his own, intrusion-free space.

You’re growing your pet care business

Opening a cat hotel? A rescue clinic? A cat grooming parlor?

Whatever your pet care business, there’s absolutely one thing that you will be needing: storage space! Pet security will provide your customers with peace of mind while in your care knowing that their furry friends are in good hands, and you can be sure that there aren’t any curious kittens wandering off into the unknown.

Wonderfully scalable and easy to maintain, cat cage banks will provide comfortable accommodations for your feline guests during their stay that are far more spacious and relaxing than their cramped carriers.

You need to protect your cat (and your home) from his rambunctious behavior

Want to find out what’s going bump in the night? It won’t be hard to find that your cat is what’s making things crash, bang, and boom while you’re trying to get a little shut eye.

Cat cage banks can be a great temporary solution for when your kitty is going a little crazy. Rather than risk damage to your home, or risk your kitten hurting himself from bouncing around without a care while you’re asleep, a modular crate can help keep your feline out of trouble with its secure yet relaxing ambiance.

Things to Consider before Investing in a Cage Bank - Buyers' Guide

1) Size

Just like when buying a house, a car, a pair of jeans, size is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a cat cage bank.

Is this for your kitten? You’ll want something he can grow into without worrying about a lack of space in three years’ time.

Buying for your pet care business? Size is not a compromise. With cats of all shapes and sizes waltzing into your grooming parlor or cat hotel, their owners will be happy to know their little one isn’t crammed into a tiny crate, meowing to go home.

Most brands of modular cages will come in a variety of sizes, and some cage banks will even feature multi-sized units, so you can be sure to suit everyone’s needs.

2) Scalability and Expandability

If you’re investing in a cage bank, chances are high that you see quite a few cats coming through your door.

With your growing pet care business, you’ll need space for all of your clients’ furry friends, and a secure cage bank to keep their pets safe will go along way in getting a five-star review.

Scaling your business is easy with cage banks, because with many models, you can simply add to them like Lego blocks. Before sheltering any kitties, you should always be sure that you are using the proper hardware to insure everyone’s safety when connecting or stacking modular cages.

Many brands also carry models with wheels that will let you move your cage banks from room to room with ease, which will definitely come in handy when you’re cleaning or switching locales.

Our Top 4 Recommended Selections for a Cat Cage Bank

If you’ve decided that a cage bank or modular cages are the way to go, but aren’t sure where to get started, we’ve handpicked some of the most popular models on the market to get your research going.

Groomers Best Cage Bank

Available in 3-unit, 5-unit and 9-unit banks, Groomers Best Cage Bank is one of the most secure on the market with its heavy-duty stainless steel structure and wheels that lock safely into place.

To make things even better, they come fully assembled, so you can unpack then unwind.

Best cage bank for cats
Available on
Product names (left to right)Number of UnitsList Price
Groomers Best Cage Bank3,5,9-unit banks$$$ Check price
29992999Amazon #{stars} logo(4+ reviews)

Shor-Line 2 Unit Cat Condo

This stainless steel model has removable doors, which makes cleaning a breeze.

Shor-Line’s 2 Unit Cat Condo comes equipped with two spaces for each cat — a sectioned off litter box area and an open “living” area — to make your kitten feel right at home.

Best cage bank for cats
Available on
Product names (left to right)Number of UnitsList Price
Groomers Best Cage Bank3,5,9-unit banks$$$ Check price
2897.192897.19Amazon #{stars} logo(1+ reviews)

ProSelect Modular Kennel Cage Graphite

Perfect for your growing pet care business! The ProSelect Kennel Cage can be connected and stacked to your heart’s content. This model also offers the convenience of removable doors, as well as kennel card holders so you’re never left guessing who’s who.

Best cage bank for cats
Available on
Product nameNumber of UnitsList Price
ProSelect Modular Kennel Cage GraphiteMultiple, depending on how many you put together!$$ Check price
171.58171.58Amazon #{stars} logo(3+ reviews)