Best Cat Brush for Shedding
7 Considerations Before Making your Buy


It's crazy hard to believe how much hair a single, tiny little animal can shed on my clothes and around the house. Most of you might know that getting rid of that hair is a mission impossible, especially once it gets embedded in the carpet. Getting a great vacuum cleaner for cat fur might be good, but it'd be best to stop the shedding at the source, no?

Keep your cat healthy and happy by brushing it while it sheds!
Keep your cat healthy and happy by brushing it while it sheds!

To reduce the amount of cat hair, you'll need to brush your cat regularly with a proper cat brush for shedding.

But before you go on a shopping spree for cat brushes, here are some things that you should take into consideration before you make your final choice.

Why should I groom my cat?

There are a myriad of benefits that come with brushing your cat's hair.

Less Cat Hair means a cleaner home

Consider how much how much cleaner your house will be if you bought a grooming brush. If shedding is a big problem for your cat, this can be a big problem for you as it means cleaning takes extra time. Why would you want to waste more time cleaning up hair little fluffy has shed when it can be used for such things as down time, or arranging visits with your friends or loved ones? A simple cat grooming brush takes only ten minutes to groom your pet, the hair comes easily off the brush and into the garbage, and from there you do not have to use it again for another week to two weeks. That means both you and your cat are happy. Your feline friend won't be shedding and feel any discomfort, and you don't have to break your back sweeping or vacuuming up extra fur.

A Cleaner Cat

Another thing to consider is how good your cat will look. Instead of spending double, or possibly triple, the money on a cat groomer, you can groom your cat yourself with a simple yet affordable and even easy to use cat brush. It makes your cat's fur silky smooth, they have a fresh out of the professional groomer's look, and you save money. In addition, you never have to go back to the pet salon due to shedding, and that saves you hundreds of dollars a year. You can finally get a vacation to that special destination you have been wanting to go to since this expense has been taken care of.

Grooming often means that your cat won't have matted or stinky fur. When cats, especially long and medium haired cats, start to shed, they end up with matted fur from over cleaning themselves. When this happens, their fur will not simply fall off like most cats when they shed. Instead, it sticks to their bodies, making it difficult for fresh fur to come through. And, if your cat is also one who ventures outside, the matted fur can become smelly from either the over cleaning of themselves, or getting into things they shouldn't get into. With a cat brush, you can get the matted fur off of them, and they will look and smell clean and freshly groomed. There will be no worry of a health hazard to your pet, and you don't have to make an emergency visit to a cat salon to get them taken care of.

A good bonding time with you and Mr. Fluff

This is a bonding experience for you and your cat. This is your special time with your kitty. Grooming them means you spend extra time with them, and they feel they are getting the adequate amount of attention from you. In return, both you and your cat feel closer to one another. This simple reason is something that makes any cat feel more loved by their owner, and also makes the owner feel like they are doing a good job taking care of their four-legged friend. It's a win-win situation. The icing on the cake is that most cats loved to be brushed!

No hairballs, and a better digestive system

Grooming your cat will lessen the chance of your cat getting hairballs. The top reason your feline friend gets hairballs is from cleaning themselves and getting rid of the fur they are shedding. If they do that too much, they will end up having multiple hairballs, which is no fun for them to get rid of, or for you to clean up. However, with this cat grooming brush, this cuts the chance of hairballs nearly in half, and cuts down on how much they need to groom themselves. This is a great tool for the cat who has a hairball attack weekly or biweekly!

Top Feline Cat Brushes for Shedding
Not enough grooming may cause cats to have health problems.

Now that we see all the benefits for brushing a cat, let's look at what we need to know before purchasing a brush for shedding cats!

Top 7 Things to Know About Cat Brushes

1) Cat shedding follows a pattern

Cats shed every day to lose dead hair, but you as owners might notice that several months a year the battle with cat fur is more vicious than usual. There is a logical reason for that. Your feline’s body is programmed to shed its fur depending on the season and the amount of sunlight during the day.

In autumn, hair falls so that a thicker coat might grow to keep your feline warm during the harsh winter months. In spring, on the other hand, when the days get longer and warmer, your cat doesn’t need so much fur, and it gets rid of it in preparation for the hot summer days.

Sometimes, however, the artificial light and the air-conditioning in your home might interfere with this natural cycle. In such cases, you’ll notice a constant all year round shedding. The good news is that it’s not usually as heavy as seasonal shedding.

Now since you know why your cat sheds, you know when you need to keep the brush at an arm’s reach.

2) Get familiar with the cat brush world

Looking online, you’ll find a wide variety of cat brushes. There are slicker brushes, matbreaker brushes (ideal for long-haired cats with mats), dual-sided brushes and more. All of these are designed to remove excess dead hair and to make your cat’s fur soft, silky, and tangle-free.

But what you need to deal effectively with cat hair is a shedding brush, also known as a deshedding tool. These brushes are specially designed to remove dead hair not only from the top layer of the coat but also from the inner layer. You might seem them in the form of combs with wide teeth or brushes with stainless steel edges.

3) Consider the length of your cat’s coat

A shorthaired cat needs a brush made for shorthaired cats. If you use a brush for short hair on a long-haired feline, you won’t achieve a positive result because the teeth won’t be long enough to reach the undercoat. On the other hand, using a long-haired brush for a shorthaired cat might be too uncomfortable for you pet.

4) Pick quality over price

A long-haired cat will need a daily brushing to keep the shed fur to a minimum, so you want something that will last more than a few weeks. A brush with stainless steel edge is more likely to last for months than another a rubber brush with rubber bristles. Moreover, some brushes feature a replaceable edge so that you won’t have to buy a new brush every time a bristle gets deformed or broken.

5) Brushing is beneficial for your cat

Some of you might worry that they are torturing their pet when they brush it. You can’t be so far from the truth.

When your cat is grooming itself, it swallows some fur due to its barbed tongue. Usually, this is not a problem, but sometimes the cat swallows too much fur. It built ups in the stomach, and the result is unpleasant – a hairball.

Believe me, hearing your cat coughing up a hairball is an awful experience and the hairball itself looks like something that belongs in the litter box. That’s not the worst thing. Sometimes hairballs can get stuck in the stomach, and cause a life-threatening blockage.

So, even if your cat is not a heavy shedder, it’s still a good idea to buy a shedding brush.

6) Look for signs of illness

Although it’s healthy for a cat to shed, if your cat has started to lose more hair without an apparent reason, there might be a problem. Look for bald patches, lesions, obsessive grooming, biting or repeatedly scratching the same spot. The culprit might be something insignificant such as fleas or ringworms, but too much shedding is also a symptom of a hormonal imbalance.

So before buying a shedding brush, it’s best to examine your cat to determine if everything is all right. And have a talk with your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

7) Feed your cat a balanced diet

You might find it unbelievable, but what you feed your cats might influence how much hair she sheds. If your pet is eating a low-quality food, one that’s rich in carbohydrates, this might lead to allergies, digestive problems, and shedding. For optimal health, your cat needs a food rich in protein and fats. Find out what the best dry foods for cats are here.

After reading all this, you might still find it hard to pick the right brush for you. Don’t worry. Here are the five best cat brushes for shedding that you can find on the market.

Top 5 Best Cat Brushes for Shedding

Now let's discuss the best cat shedding tools to have! You can pick up these items in Petco stores, but they certainly won't be as cheap! Plus free shipping if you have Amazon Prime!

1) The FURminator deshedding tool – Ideal for long and short-haired pets

The FURminator is the most popular deshedding tool available. It’s a pricey one for a cat brush, but it’s also one of the most efficient combs. Veterinarians and specialists recommend it for keeping your pet hairball-free, and it can reduce shedding up to 90% if used correctly and regularly.

The FURminator deshedding brush features a 2.65"-wide stainless steel deshedding edge which allows you to reach through the topcoat and remove dead and loose hair from the undercoat. And while the teeth might seem sharp to you at first, they won’t damage your cat’s coat or cut her skin. Moreover, it has an ergonomic handle designed for comfort so that your hands won’t get tired quickly.

But the most appealing feature of this tool is the FURjector button which allows you to remove and eject the excess fur easily from the teeth while you’re working.

It’s offered in two styles – long hair and short hair and two sizes – small and large which makes it perfect for all types of cats or dogs. However, you should know that it’s not suitable for tangled fur and it should be used in combination with other cat brushes.

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2) The pet grooming tool by DakPets – Perfect for cats of all sizes

DakPet offers us another quality grooming and shedding brush, which is designed by professional pet experts with vast experience in grooming. It’s available in three stylish colors – blue, pink and yellow. More importantly, the manufacturer gives a 60-day money back guarantee that he will refund the tool if you’re not satisfied with the achieved results.

This pet grooming tool promises to reduce shedding by up to 95%, and you’ll see an impressive improvement after only one 10-15 minute session. It features a strong, comfortable handle, and a non-irritation 100mm stainless comb, which won’t damage or hurt your pet’s skin. What’s more, the comb is replaceable so that you don’t have to throw the brush away in case of an accident.

Also, if you choose this shedding tool, you don’t need to worry about buying other cat brushes. Unlike FURminator, you can use this shedding brush as a stand-alone tool to remove all dead hair without any prior preparation.

It’s offered only in one size, but nevertheless, it’s suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes both short-haired and long-haired.

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3) The Pet Republique professional deshedding tool – Excellent choice for kittens

This professional deshedding tool offered by Pet Republique comes with two interchangeable and replaceable blades, which makes it perfect for any cat owner. The 3” large blade is designed for general area use, while the 1.8” small blade can be used for brushing joints or other hard to reach places. The small blade is also suitable for kittens and small-sized pets.

Another reason to choose this deshedding tool is that it reduces not only hair loss but also tangled and matted hair. The blades are made of stainless steel, and they come with a protective cap so that you can store them safely. On the other hand, the non-slip comfortable handle ensures that you won’t have a hard time brushing your cat.

You should know that the manufacturer gives one year warranty on this shedding brush and a 30-day money back guarantee. He donates 15% of the profit to the American Animal Rescue Society, which means that you’ll have a nice, durable brush and help rescued animals at the same time.

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4) The Chirpy Pets cat brush for shedding – The perfect choice for bonding with your animal

The Chirpy Pets shedding brush will help you deal with up to 90% of the excess hair within minutes, and veterinarians highly recommend it. It’s made of 4” stainless steel featuring a 100mm detachable anti-rust comb which will remove any loose and dead hair but won’t damage the skin of your pet.

Thanks to the quick release button you can remove the blade for seconds and store it safely in the protective cover included. Moreover, the blade is securely attached to a comfortable, non-slip grip handle that won’t break quickly.

Another reason to choose this shedding brush is the 60-day money guarantee in case you don’t find the brush to be as effective as you expected. What’s more that handle has a convenient eyelet so that you can hang or clip the brush wherever you want.

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5) Oster ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool for Medium to Long Coats.

The fourth best grooming brush is the Oster ShedMonster. This grooming brush is recommended for the medium to long coated kitty. It is recommended by groomers and pet professionals, which is something pet owners love to see. Some of the best features of this grooming brush include that it has stainless steel teeth that penetrate deep into the coat, trapping and ridding your pet of any matted or tough to reach fur, and it is also ergonomic. It can be bought in pet stores in person, online, and it is also featured on Amazon.

Great value for getting rid of your cats hair
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ChirpyPets Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding$ Check price
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What do you think about these cat brushes for shedding? Have you ever tried any of them and how effective are they according to you? Don’t be shy to tell your story in the comment section. We would love to read your personal stories how you deal with a shedding cat.