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Traveling comfortably with our feline friend

When it comes to being a cat owner, traveling with our feline friend is not easy. In fact, it can be smelly, messy, and above all, a hassle. Even worse than us, is our cats, who are unnaturally folded into a cramped carrier without a litter box. However, we can't always leave our cat at home -- especially if they need to be taken to the vet, so we need a good quality cat carrier with a built-in litter box.

If you have never heard of these types of carriers, we are going to walk you through what they are specifically, what they are best used for, and the top products for you to buy.

9 Things to Know Before Travelling with your Cats

1) What are Travel Carriers with Litter Boxes?

These carriers were made for a multitude of reasons; mainly for when you will need to take your cat with you for a longer period of time that isn't to the vet's office and back home. The travel carrier is big enough so that your cute furry baby has room to lie down, play, and not feel cramped and uncomfortable. The built in litter box is so they don't make a mess you would have to stop and clean and there will be little to no smell.

2) Understanding the Travel Carriers with Litter Boxes

These carriers are meant for long travel. This means if you are road tripping for a vacation, work, or to visit family, to bring them on a plane for any type of travel, or if you'd like to treat them to some time outside with you safely. These carriers bring comfort and luxury to your pet for a nice price to you, and you feel like you are being a good pet parent without torturing them when you travel. These carriers have also been used as little "homes" so to speak, especially for them sleeping at night when you may be gone for awhile. Or to house them if you have a dog that may or may not get along with your cat.

3) The Different Sizes of These Travel Carriers with Litter Boxes

These carriers come in different sizes. And usually, they depend on the size of your cat. For example: If you have a cat that is on the smaller side, you could easily get a travel case that is in medium range. If your cat is just a kitten, you would get a small size. Now, if you have a cat that is a Maine Coon, Bengal, or any other large cat breed, you would get the large size travel carrier.

4) Ventilated Travel Carriers with Litter Boxes

Most of these carriers have a way to be ventilated. Meaning, your cat will get plenty of air and still remain comfortable. The best part of this is that these carriers are not made of metal or plastic; they are made from comfortable material with plenty of ventilation for your cat to breathe freely.

5) Less Noise From Your Cats in a Travel Carrier

Most cats hate to be cooped up and travel. They are the type that need to roam and be comfortable. In travel carriers like these, your pet has room to play, to nap, and to stretch out. This means what once would have been a trip with fluffy would have consisted of constant scratching and meowing will now be silent. Minus the content purrs of your cat!

6) Meant for Part Time Use

While this is great for housing and traveling, this is only meant for part time use. Cats need to be able to run, jump, and play. Make sure your cat gets time to come out and stretch their legs around their home or wherever you are visiting.

7) Avoid Areas with Large Animals

While this is a safe carrier for your pet to travel and/or live in, you also need to make sure there are no outside dangers to them. Most travel carriers are not made of metal or plastic. They are usually made of vinyl or other soft material. If a larger animal, like a dog, accidentally stepped on it, they could hurt your poor kitty. Keep larger animals away from this carrier at all times.

8) Keep Away From Windows

Another important thing is to keep your pet away from windows. You do not want them to be near a window and in this travel carrier. They could either accidentally be blown out of the window if the wind was hard enough, or they could rock themselves out of the window if they get too rambunctious. Keeping your pet safe should be #1 priority while using the travel carrier.

9) Place Travel Carrier in Safe Spot

When you travel with your cat, make sure you place the travel carrier in a safe spot. It isn't recommended to place the travel carrier up front with you. The best place would be in the seats behind and either on a seat. Placing them up front could be dangerous, especially if an accident were to occur.

10) Consider Purchasing Toys for Travel Carrier

The best thing to do would be to buy a new toy or two for your cat. Make these toys special ones and only to be played with in their travel carrier. A nice squeaky toy or little pillow for them to lay one would be a nice treat to them.

11) Always Clean the Travel Carrier

After each trip, let your kitty out once you are home and clean out their carrier. Anything from hairball mishaps to litter from their litter box could be on the floor of their carrier. Keeping the carrier clean ensures a healthy cat and no bad smells in their carrier.

Top Recommended Travel Cat Carriers with a Built-In Litter Box

These are the top recommended travel cat carriers with a built in litter box!

1) Necoichi Set of Pop Open Cat Cage and Portable Litter Box

This is one of the top travel carriers with a litter box. It pops open and shut, which is easy for anyone to do, and the litter box will fit inside with the kitty. When not in use, it can be folded up and put away! It comes in black, and has dimensions of 20 x 20 x 31.8 inches. The litter box dimensions are 15 x 5.1 x 11 inches. This is big enough for a large sized cat, or two cats plus the litter box. It comes recommended by many pet parents. Can be found in pet stores or on Amazon.

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Necoichi Set of Pop Open Cat Cage and Portable Litter Box
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2) Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Carrier System

While not as luxurious as the Pop Open Cat Cage, this carrier gets the job done. It is a plastic carrier with metal door, which is 100% built strong and safe. It's big enough for a cat and a litter box. It comes with a five year warranty and meets safety regulations if you are taking your cat on a plane. This carrier is recommended by vets and most cat parents. It can be found in most pet stores and on Amazon.

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Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Carrier System, Gray
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3) Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers

And last but not least is this gorgeous, roomy pet carrier. While the portable litter box is not included, your cat's home litter box can be placed inside the carrier, with still a lot of room left over for your pet. This carrier comes in a variety of colors; black, brown, gray, and plum. This carrier holds cats and litter boxes up to 22 lbs. Comes recommended by cat owners as well as airlines. It also has a rear pocket that holds toys, collars, and more! This carrier is available in most pet stores as well as on Amazon.

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Sherpa Delta Carrier Medium Black
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While there are many other pet carriers available, none are usually equipped to handle a litter box, or come with a portable litter box. These are the best travel carriers currently on the market. They make great carrier for simple car rides to the approved airline safety travel carrier. They are also good for when you want to take your feline friend outside with you safely. These carriers are all equipped to house cats small and large; from cats of kitten age to adult cats.

We hope that we helped you understand the difference between a regular quick travel carrier and a carrier meant for long travels. We also hope we have helped find the best travel carrier with portable litter box for your fluffy friend! Do you have questions? Maybe you'd like to see more carriers that do not come with a litter box? Do you know of another travel carrier we should know about? Or you have concerns on these travel carriers? Please let us know! Leave a comment below.