Best Cat Collars that Stay On

Rogz NightCat Breakaway Reflective Collar

  • Breakaway Buckle
  • Removable Color-Coded Bell
  • Neck 8-12, Width 3/8
  • Scratchproof Webbing

GoTags Personalised Reflective Cat Collars

  • Laser Engraving for Easy Identification
  • High Customization options
  • The reflective strip is highly visible from hundreds of feet away

Blueberry Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar

  • Amazon’s choice
  • Low Return Rate
  • Multiple Colors and Patterns
  • Highly Rated

If you happen to have an outdoor cat then you will occasionally find it difficult in keeping your outdoor cat safe. Another common problem cat owner’s face is finding the “furry companion” every now and then around the house (or around the block). With a collar that stays on your cat, it becomes easy to track your cat when it’s missing as a lot of cat collars come with a microchip implanted in them.

If you own a cat and have had to spend a lot of time trying to locate the little furry fellow then you will benefit from this piece on the best cat collars for cats that play outdoors.

When shopping for a collar for your cat, there are key important features to be on the lookout for to ensure that you are buying a product that will offer value for your hard-earned money.

A cat collar that stays on is perfect for keeping your cat safe at all times. When shopping for a cat collar that stays on, it is important that you go for one that

Is easily adjustable

A good cat collar should be easy to adjust. This will guarantee that your cat remains comfortable always while they move about.

If you have a kitten with a collar, then you will need to check it occasionally to ensure they haven’t outgrown the collar to avoid the collar from cutting into their necks. For a cat collar that stays on, you should be able to comfortably put two fingers in the space between your cat’s neck and the collar.

For adult cats, you need a collar that fits properly and remains secured and you always need to check that the collar doesn’t get too loosed or stretched out from time to time.

Designed to breakaway easily

This is one feature you have to look out for in any cat collar you are looking to buy. This feature comes either in the form of an elastic stripping mechanism that is usually located at the back of the buckle on the collar or a buckle or catch mechanism.

The benefits of a breakaway collar can’t be overemphasized, with the breakaway feature in the collar; it becomes easy for your cat to slip out of danger when the collar gets stuck on something.

The width of the collar

A cat collar is designed to be narrower than that of a dog. This is in order to easily accommodate the smaller neck size of cats.

Don’t buy wide collars for your cat as it will not stay comfortably around their neck which could hinder their natural movement when they climb or walk.

The weight of the collar

Keep in mind the weight of the collar when looking for a suitable collar for your cat. Remember that even heavy cats do not have the same weight and bone structure of a dog. And so it will be wrong to pick a heavy or bulky collar for a cat as it can impede how they move about.

Most fancy collars that come with blings and heavy ornaments are not a good option; collars with a simple design from lightweight materials are more preferable.

Mode of identification

A good cat collar should have a means of identification for your cat. Collars with ID tags make it easy to identify your cat when it is missing. When a cat strays too far from home with the ID tag on, they can easily be returned home.

Most tags come with a space for an ID but ID tags can also be purchased from online sources, vet’s offices and pet stores.

Shopping for a cat collar that stays on? We have taken our time to research on the best cat collars you can buy that meet the factors detailed above.

Here are the top five cat collars we recommend.

1.Rogz NightCat Breakaway Reflective Collar

Made to fit and easily adjust, which makes it perfect for all size and weight of the cat.

  • The collar is made of PU material and high-grade nylon webbing which guarantees comfort, safety, and visibility.
  • It comes with a removable colored bell which makes it easy to locate your cat around the house. The bell can be removed so as not to affect their hunting down preys.
  • It is equipped with a breakaway load buckle that makes it possible for your cat to break free when they get hooked on something.
  • The collar is available in 6 colors which make it possible to pick one that suits your cat.
  • Designed with a collar width of 3/8 which adjusts easily for neck circumferences of 7-12’’ and guaranteed to always stay on your cats neck.

The Rogz NightCat breakaway reflective collar is made from a durable and lightweight material that is comfortable on your cat’s neck.

Best cat collars that stay on
Available on
Product Name
Rogz NightCat Breakaway Reflective Collar
Pattern Name
Black Paws and Blue Floral.
11.3 x 0.6 inches;
Shipping weight
2.1 ounces
Breakaway Buckle is a necessary Safety Measure, Reflective for additional safety,Scratchproof Webbing increases durability.
Unit Cost
$$ Check price
160160Amazon #{stars} logo(12.61+ reviews)

2.GoTags Personalised Reflective Cat Collars

Reflective safety collar that ensures that your cat is safe and visible at all times.

  • The collar is designed to breakaway easily when your cat gets caught on the collar.
  • Easily adjustable with a width of 3/8 and circumference of 8-12 inches, this makes it suitable for slightly heavy cats.
  • The reflective strip makes the collar to be visible from more than a hundred feet distance.
  • Comes in different colors which include black, blue, orange, pink and red.
  • When buying this collar on Amazon, you will be requested to choose a color and fill in your cat details in the customize section. Which is usually just your cat's name and your phone number.

The GoTag personalized reflective cat collar is a quality and affordable choice of everyday cat collar. Although it may not be as stylish as some cat collars you’ll find in the market, but it is equipped with safety features for your cat and is guaranteed to remain on your cat’s neck.

Best cat collars that stay on
Available on
Product Name
GoTags Personalised Reflective Cat Collars
8-12 inches by 3/8 inches wide.
Shipping weight
1.2 ounces
colors available
Personalized safety reflective cat collars, High level of customization possible.
Unit Cost
$$$ Check price
818818Amazon #{stars} logo(13.95+ reviews)

3.Blueberry Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar

Easy to clean collar that is suitable for everyday wear. 

  • The design of this collar gives your feline a natural feel, it comes in two designs one that spots an aquatic feature and the other a safari setting with leopard prints.
  • Made of durable polyester material for comfort.
  • Equipped with a breakaway buckle that makes it easy for your cat to escape when it gets caught on something.
  • Designed with a neck circumference of 9-13’’ with a width of 3/8’’ this makes it suitable for heavy cats
  • It comes with a bell attached.

The Blueberry adjustable breakaway cat collar is easy to adjust which guarantees maximum comfort for your cat at all times.

Best cat collars that stay on
Available on
Product Name
Easy to clean collar that is suitable for everyday wear. 
Neck 9"-13", Width 3/8";
Shipping weight
0.6 ounces
colors available
Geometric Design,Hunting Expedition, Salmon Pink Geometry, Orange,Green and Yellow.
Low Return Rate, Highly Rated More than 80% 5 star reviews and is a Popular Item.
Unit Cost
$$ Check price
348348Amazon #{stars} logo(11.99+ reviews)

Do you think these collars are worth it? Cat owners who have used, or are presently using any of the above should kindly share their experience in the comment section.Remember that when looking to get a cat collar ensure to pick one that easily breakaway so as to prevent your cat from strangling when it gets stuck.