Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomachs and Diarrhea

Your furry friend has been down in the dumps recently, and you've just noticed that his stool looks a little out of the ordinary. You don't seem to mind too much - perhaps your cat's just feeling blue that day - but then you notice their stool is soft, loose and may even be watery!

4 Causes of Your Cat Getting Diarrhea

Just like with humans, there can be a number of causes related to your cat's diarrhea. Here are the top five most common causes.

1) A Change in Your Cat's Diet

It's 5pm, you're on your way home from work, and you know your kitty doesn't have enough food to last until tomorrow. You usually go to a speciality pet food store, but you’ve had a long day, traffic is a nightmare, and you just want to get home.

Instead of bringing home the usual kibble, you stop at the local grocery store and bring your cat something different; it's a new brand, with a new flavor and it's even cheaper! There's nothing wrong with that!

Until, however, your kitten has diarrhea as a result of new ingredients and an unsettled stomach. This could mean that your cat has an allergy or intolerance for one of the listed ingredients in this new food, or that your cat is just like the rest of us, and sometimes it takes our tummies a second or two to acclimate to unfamiliar eats.

When possible, it's always best to introduce new foods gradually, instead of all at once. If it's an acclimation issue, this will give your cat a chance to build up a tolerance for the new food, and avoid digestive problems.

Additionally, make sure you understand the basic guidelines on how to pick the best dry food for your cat.

2) Your Cat Ate Spoiled Food

Perhaps kitty got a bite or two of something she should not have been eating in the first place. Something smelly from a ripped bag of garbage? A mouthful of wet food that's been sitting in your refrigerator for weeks?

Neither of those sound like they would be particularly kind to the stomach!

If your cat has diarrhea, you will need to investigate. Does it look like she has gotten into something she should not have?

Take a look at the last bit of food you put down. How does it look? How does it smell? What was the Best Before date on the can? If something looks off, you may have found the root of your problem.

3) Your Cat is Having a Bad Reaction to Medication

Has your cat recently started taking any new medications or antibiotics?

Medication can be rough on the stomach, for humans and animals alike, and side-effects can be brief or withstand the duration of the treatment.

If your cat is set to begin taking new medication, it's always best to be prepared for unpleasant side-effects.

4) There's an Underlying Medical Issue

This is not something any of us want to hear, but sometimes the problem goes a little deeper than unfamiliar ingredients, an expired tin of food, or an unfortunate side-effect to medication he is already taking.

If, after a few days, your cat continues to have diarrhea, take him to the vet for a check up.

Your cat's veterinarian will be able to tell you if the problem is a parasite, an infection, or something more serious.

Treating Your Cat's Sensitive Stomach or Diarrhea

If none of the above reasons seem likely, your cat may just have a very sensitive stomach. You may treat this by changing your cat's diet to a dry food made specifically for sensitive stomachs. These foods are different in that:

  • Packed with fibers to prevent soft stool
  • Fermentable fibers and probiotics that promot "good" bacteria development"
  • High in digestible proteins that are good for absorption

Top Recommended Dry Foods for Cats with Sensitive Stomachs

Here are the top three dry foods that we recommend that are easy on your cat's stomach.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Special 33 Dry Cat Food

If your adult cat is having digestive distress, Royal Canin's Feline Health Nutrition food can help treat and prevent diarrhea by providing the fibers needed to develop good bacteria.

Available on
Product nameFeaturesList Price
Royal Canin Feline Health NutritionAids in digestive sensitivities, balanced sources of fiber and ensures optimal absorption of important vitamins and minerals$ Check price
23.7923.79Amazon #{stars} logo(373+ reviews)

Specially formulated to appeal to picky eaters and cats who are having a rough time mustering an appetite, this brand of dry food will help to maintain your cat's digestive health as it keeps your kitty coming back for more.

Usually available in most veterinary clinics, Royal Canin comes highly recommended by medical professionals in North America.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Gastrointestinal High Energy HE Dry Cat Food

Another line of Royal Canin cat food specially recommended by veterinarians serves to help treat your cat's gastrointestinal disease, vomiting, diarrhea, parasites, and other conditions.

High in calories, this formula can be used for both kittens and adults, insuring that your cat is getting the nutrition he needs to remain active and energetic, despite digestive problems. Its high caloric value also means that this can be a viable solution to treat thin, low body scoring cats like strays and undernourished kittens, without hurting the stomach.

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Gastrointestinal High EnergyHigh energy, highly digestible, palatable and complete with balanced nutrition. For acute and chronic gastrointestinal disease in adults cats and kittens.$ Check price
60.9760.97Amazon #{stars} logo(17+ reviews)

Much like the previously listed Special Dry 33 formula, this kibble is easy on your cat's sensitive stomach and can appeal to his appetite even when he does not have much of one.

Blue Buffalo Blue Basics Sensitive Solution Grain Free Adult Cat Food

For cats, wet food is always a treat, so why not appeal to their preferences by opting for a tinned alternative?

Made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, Blue Buffalo's formula is also prepared without grain, chicken by-products, corn, or wheat — all of which can harm your kitty's sensitive stomach.

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Blue Buffalo Blue Basics Sensitive Solution Grain Free Adult Cat FoodGrain-free, limited ingredients and ideal for cats with food sensitivities$ Check price
60.9760.97Amazon #{stars} logo(17+ reviews)

Instead, they stick to delicious ingredients like duck, turkey and fish, as well as fruits, vegetables and micronutrients that provide excellent nutrition while promoting healthy digestion.

If your cat has allergies or intolerances for certain ingredients, Blue Buffalo Blue Basics will give your cat the nutrition she needs while sticking to a limited-ingredient diet.

IAMS Proactive Health Specialized Care Adult Dry Cat Food

Without the use of fillers, and instead packed with digestible proteins and prebiotics that make it easy on your cat’s stomach to absorb nutrients, IAMS’ balanced diet comes recommended by vets without breaking the bank.

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IAMS Proactive Health Specialized Care For sensitive stomachs, long term digestive health, with highly digestible proteins and prebiotics to maximize nutrient absorption.$ Check price
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If you need a long term solution to your adult cat’s digestive health, look no further than IAMS Proactive Health.