Best Cat Harness for Walking
Top 5 things to know before making your buy

Cat harnesses, we have all heard of them, we have seen others using them, but what do we really know about them? Are they safe? Will my cat be comfortable wearing one? Are they expensive? These are just some of the questions we find ourselves asking, and I’m sure you guys have similar ones. Luckily you have stumbled across the right blog, and we are here to break down any and all information you will ever need to consider when purchasing a harness for your furry friend. We understand your furbaby is very precious to you, and it is important to keep him or her on a tight leash, literally. So let’s get to it!

You can take your cat out on a walk with a feline harness!
You can take your cat out on a walk with a feline harness!

Top 5 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Cat Harness

1) Let’s start with price. And yes, you get what you pay for!

It is indeed important to invest a good amount of money in a great quality harness. When you are walking your loved one and exposing him/her to the outside elements, you'll want a top notch product that not only comes with great features, more practicality, but also more style.

Think of it this way, if you knew you could purchase a better seat belt for yourself in you car to better protect you and your loved ones would you do it? Yeah, we thought so!

The takeaway: better safe than sorry people! Your pet is worth it, invest in its safety!

2) Should you get all the bells and whistles? What really matters in a harness?

Okay, let’s be vain here for a second. We want both ourselves and Fluffy to look good while on our morning jog or walk together. It’s a fact of life, we like to look pretty. But I am here to tell you that you don’t need everything under the sun for this morning outing with Fluffy.

Top Feline Cat Harnesses Reviews
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  • Make sure the basics are there. Be sure to pay attention to the number of rings that the harness has. These rings are necessary to attach your pet’s ID tags to, God forbid, he or she were to get away.
  • Make sure the harness has some sort of adjustability. You can’t rely on a "one size fits all" product.
  • Machine washable harnesses are the best. After a certain number of outings, you’re going to need to clean the harness so that it is free of bacteria and/or dirt.

3) Do we need to talk about the ability and ease of use when it comes to your cat’s harness? Definitely.

Surprisingly, your cat may not want to wear a harness. (Hahaha, let’s be real for a moment, Princess Puffiness may very well throw a hissy-fit, we all know how finicky cats are!!!) A harness for your cat should definitely be made of some sort of natural, breathable material. Cotton is an excellent choice.

Your material choice will help with any irritation issues against your cat’s skin or fur; and this will set the tone for all of your outdoor adventures. No grumpy cats here!

A step-in harness might be your best bet if you know your cat is a wiggle worm. Although your cat may enjoy it while it’s on, it can be hard to initially get the harness over your cat’s head.

If Princess Puffiness could speak, she would definitely be thanking you for your consideration. Meow!

4) Do I need a leash?

Yes! It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people checkout without purchasing an accompanying leash for their best furiend!

A retractable cat leash is both safe and convenient for you and your kitty. You give them an inch, and they take a ... well, actually, you’re in total control here. This also may seem obvious, but don’t be fooled. Make sure that the leash you purchase specifically states that it is durable enough for walking your cat outside.

Additionally, pay attention to the handle type. You want this leash to be comfortable, and a dodgy handle is a deal breaker.

5) Last but not least ... You can never worry too much about your cat’s safety! A safe & secure harness is 100% necessary.

Pet parents unite! Let’s triple check that your cat’s harness is going to be escape proof!!! Don’t fall for a "harness" that isn’t actually the real deal. We are all newcomers to venturing outside with our cats here, so we could totally end up buying nothing more than a collar and leash and think we are purchasing a super safe harness! Don’t be fooled, read all the fine print.

  • Your cat’s harness should secure your cat’s head and body. Not either or.
  • Make sure you measure correctly, you don’t want the harness to be too loose or too tight.
  • Make sure the harness has rings so that you can attach your leash to a ring, and make sure that they are well reinforced so that there is no possibility of an accidental escape.

Top Recommended Harnesses for Cats

That said, here are our top recommended cat harnesses (and don’t forget the leash!) for walking:

1) Dean & Tyler "Cats Rock" harness - Perfect for night walkers

This harness happens to be for a larger cat, however Dean & Tyler makes this version in smaller sizes, capable of outfitting any size cat. Features include:

  • Erring on the side of caution, it has a reflective strap, so your pet will stand out to motorists.
  • Super strong and durable harness and rings.
  • Comes with witty patches to affix to the harness depending on your (I mean your cat’s) mood.
A Perfect cat harness for everyday walks.
Available on
BrandNameNotesList Price
Dean and Tyler DT Works Fun HarnessDesigned for working dogs, but still lightweight and comfortable for everyday pet use. Durable and Weatherproof.$ Check price
84.9584.95Amazon #{stars} logo(9+ reviews)

2) Best Pet All Season pet harness - Adventurers apply here

  • No matter the climate, this all weather harness promises to deliver
  • Comes in 5 sizes for the ultimate fit for your little explorer
  • Step-in type harness, easy for kitty to get into
  • Promises not to put strain on your pet’s neck
  • On hot days, the mesh on this harness keeps kitty cool, and on colder days the mesh works in reverse to keep kitty warm. “Soft kitty, warm kitty ..”
A Perfect cat harness for everyday walks.
Available on
BrandNameNotesList Price
Best Pet All Season Pet HarnessStyle-easy, double security with Velcro and Buckle$ Check price
17.9917.99Amazon #{stars} logo(6+ reviews)

3) Flexi cat leash - Because your cat needs you, too

Make sure you don't forget to buy a leash! We recommend the Flexi Cat least, due to the following features:

  • This leash comes in many different colors and lengths so you can decide how far you want kitty to stray.
  • The longer the leash length you choose, the more weight this leash is able to accommodate. Fat cat? No problem!
  • Comfortable handle so you won’t feel anxious about your grip.
  • Clips onto any ring on your cat’s harness.
  • The leash itself is super light for your comfort.
  • Permanent braking feature and retractable.
A great leash for walking your cat.
Available on
BrandNameNotesList Price
FlexiVario Cord Leash XS-MVery light 10 ft. cord leash $ Check price
12.9912.99Amazon #{stars} logo(200+ reviews)

4) Lupine cat harness - Cult favorite!

Lupine is a brand that is synonymous with cat safety and quality. This harness is designed to keep your kitty secure, and is virtually escape proof.

  • Lupine has an amazing quality guarantee and return policy
  • Made in the USA
  • Tightly woven fabric and both parts are adjustable independently for extra security
A great leash for walking your cat.
Available on
BrandNameNotesList Price
LupinePetOriginals Rain Song H-Style HarnessExcellent for cats up to 20 lbs.$ Check price
13.9913.99Amazon #{stars} logo(1+ reviews)

So ... are all kitty harnesses created equal? Not exactly. And that is exactly why we wanted to create this guide for you. We want you to be as informed as possible, and we want you to know what your options are when looking to purchase a harness for your cat! A harness is a great tool to help you bond with your cat. And most cats don’t get enough exercise as it is, so by taking your cat outside, you are doing both your cat and yourself a huge favor. Hopefully in no time your cat will be begging you to slip him or her into their harness and take them for a stroll!

We encourage you to comment below and tell us about your experiences with walking your little Tiger! Is this your first time walking Tiger? Or is your baby already king of the jungle? Not your cat’s first rodeo? Please let others know any tips/tricks to make their furbaby’s outing more enjoyable! This adventure should be as stress free as possible, and we hope that with our top 5 above-noted harnesses and leash options, you and Tiger are able to conquer the world one paw at a time!