Best Cat Litter for Odor Control


  • Fresh, Clean Scent
  • Maximum Clumping Power for easy cleanup
  • Grabs and Holds Odor

World's Best Cat Litter

  • Organic, natural smell with 99% dust free
  • Outstanding Odor Control!
  • Quick cluming and easy scooping

FreshStep Extreme Clumping

  • Inhibits bacterial odor for up to ten days
  • Destroys extreme odors with the power of Febreze
  • Tight clumping cat litter for easy cleanup

If you’ve come here to find out about the best cat litter for odor control – read on and breathe easier! If you're curious about other odor reducing methods, check out our top 11 odor buster cat litter techniques!

Cat Litter - The Bain of Every Cat Owner's Existence

Do you ever come home after a hard day's work, only to be knocked flat by your cat? Specifically -- your pet’s pervasive litter box odor? Do you actually wish that your sinuses were stuffed up? Well, the fumes may not knock you out cold, but they have no mercy either.

To top it off, your apartment living space may be fairly compact, with your kitchen and dinner preparations in the immediate, vile vicinity.  Even in a larger space, the sensory source of your misery can permeate the atmosphere in other rooms within your home.

Mainly you want to come home to your castle and enjoy another fairly relaxing evening in – notwithstanding the usual cleanup chores. Later on, you like to put your feet up and grab the TV remote. At the same time, your beloved pet kitty visits the litter box and puts his or her tail up. The result --gasp-- is anything but remote! You'd love to bask in an odor-free home, and not have to cringe, especially when you entertain your friends.

So much of this peace of mind comes down to what kind of product you fill the litter box with. So it’s time to shop for the kind of litter that will get your kitty’s odor under control. When the cat starts plopping, the tough go shopping!

Dollars and Scents - Is it Worth the Extra Cost?

Bringing home a premium-quality cat litter is going to result in more comfort and the peace of mind we mentioned, both for you and your pet. The best quality litter with the best science behind it prevails as the ultimate peacemaker in your living quarters. Engineered to do the best job of absorbing and masking litter box odors, the premium products on the market make the most sense for harmony in your home. You want to protect your precious companion from bacteria and ammonia as well as nullify foul fumes from finding your own nostrils. This is one of those situations in life where investing in the most advanced technology ends up saving you time -- and definitely money -- in the long run. Remember, you will not have to use as much of a more concentrated and efficiently formulated product.

Besides picking the best litter to mask the odor, there are other ways of ridding of the odor including:

Check out the full list of 11 ways to combat litter box smellshere!

Pick of the Litter

What are our favorite choices for cat litter? Let's go through them below!

1) Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

Using Arm & Hammer baking soda eliminates bad smells big time. When the Micro-Granules dampen, they seal in your pets odors -- then the baking soda goes to work. The special formula is guaranteed to keep your home smelling fresh for 7 days! Arm & Hammer has made this litter not only easy-scooping, but light-tracking as well. There is close to zero odor happening -- and your kitty doesn't walk around smelling like litter!

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Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter
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36.9936.99Amazon #{stars} logo(5+ reviews)

Imagine this scenario. You’re entertaining a friend who doesn’t know yet that you own a cat. Friend sits on sofa, and is immediately joined by kitty, who springs up onto the cushion beside your human visitor. Hilarious that your friend reacts ‘as nervous as a cat’ – and equally funny he was caught unaware due to NO CAT ODORS IN YOUR HOME!

Then there’s the easy-scooping factor that’s really pleasing, because Arm & Hammer litter clumps extremely well.

Tight little groupings of poopings. Wet clumps that stick together and refuse to break apart – even if you own 3 kitties, and they like to pee in the one spot.

If you use a sifting litter box, this product clumps and seals before it hits the pan – so there are never hard clumps on the bottom when you go to sift. It’s hard to imagine having an easier time cleaning out the litter box!

Arm & Hammer is easy to work with, causing virtually no dust. The only odors to reach your nose, are the ones caused by your kitty being too lazy to bury the evidence!

This odor-defying litter is super for your furry one-and-only – and especially recommended for multi-cat families.


  • Formulated to be totally dust-free
  • Odor eliminated for one week at a time
  • Secret formula removes and seals odors right away
  • Clumps as hard as rock
  • Largest-sized litter

2) Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented

The clumping capacity of this litter is amazing. This means it doesn’t get mushy, and in fact lasts for days on end, so it’s longer till replacement time. This product rounds up the urine and fecal matter, absorbing odors better than other brands, while leaving the rest of the litter untouched. So easy to scoop!

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Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Scented
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34.9934.99Amazon #{stars} logo(92+ reviews)

Ever Clean is tops for odor control as well – friends who visit say they don’t even realize there are cats in the house! Neutralizes ammonia fumes, while not smelling nearly as perfume-y as other cat litters.

And what about those cat owners with allergies, who often suffer headaches as well? With no added fragrances, Ever Clean Unscented is just what the doctor ordered!

For a clay litter, the granules are larger than most, and the dust is under control. You won’t find white-powdered kitty paw prints on your furniture.

Even finicky and untrusting cats readily take to this easy-on-the-paws product, including the ‘scent’!

  • Strongest clumping action
  • Collects odor and locks it in
  • Fragrance-free formula

3) Fresh Step Extreme Clumping Cat Litter

There is great value in the bag because you get a lot of litter and it goes a long way, as it can be re-used more times than other brands.

This cat litter is one of the top products for odor control, and less messy to clean up because it clumps and scoops so well. Fresh Step is particularly good at deodorizing and masking urine smells. Some cat owners swear by it -- and should know -- because the litter box is in their bedroom!

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Fresh Step Extreme Clumping Cat Litter
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31.8531.85Amazon #{stars} logo(67+ reviews)

With little dust and only a slight fragrance -- cats and their owners love it.

A bonus feature of this excellent litter choice is the package design! Even with the heavy contents, the zipper-lock top and handle make it easy to lift and carry the bag.

Another nice extra for animal lovers, is the Paw Points rewards program. You save the codes you find inside the box to make eventual Humane Society donations.

  • Stops bacteria growth causing the odor
  • Carbon formula continually rids the room of odors
  • Superior non-clumping clay for odor suppression
  • When your cat steps into the litter box, fragrance is released
  • Odors are absorbed through use of plant extracts

4) Purina Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Strength Clumping Cat Litter

Each one of Tidy's patented granules contains two components. One half absorbs liquids and odor while the other half instigates the compact clumping action. Most litter you buy uses individual pieces to either clump or combat odor.

Tidy Cats has scientifically created an anti-dust barrier around each of these granules. The dust can't escape into the air, and the litter pours nicely and cleanly into your cat's box. 

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Fresh Step Extreme Clumping Cat Litter
Unit Cost
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22.4922.49Amazon #{stars} logo(251+ reviews)

Plus there is an additional degree of odor fighter built in, to really sustain an overall freshness in the air. Fecal odor, urine, and ammonia are all neutralized, while the area remains inviting and welcoming to your beloved pet.

Stored for you in a handy jug, just grab the handle, carry it over to the box, and poor with ease!

Is your little princess or prince picky when it comes to all kinds of litter choices you've tried? Tidy Cats does the trick for even the most finicky of felines!

  • 2 plastic jugs, 20 lbs. each
  • Collects and tames all odors
  • Solid clumping power for cleanup ease
  • Holds moisture within to keep your cat dry
  • Special odor control formula for a fresher home
  • Stays dry, even in hot & humid conditions

5) World's Best Cat Litter, Quick Cat Clumping Formula

More absorbent than clay litter, every single tinkle from your cat forms a clump!

There is virtually no dust produced to settle on your furniture, and this is a real health benefit to both pet and owner. Your cat won’t track it around. What dust there is, tends to be in larger particles which gravitate down into the litter box and stay there.

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Product Name
Fresh Step Extreme Clumping Cat Litter
Unit Cost
$ Check price
22.9922.99Amazon #{stars} logo(2,549+ reviews)

Even though there is a good portion of litter per weight measurement, the overall weight feels light, which makes the lugging and the scooping part of the chore much nicer. This also means you don’t have to use as much, unlike, for instance, heavier clay-based litter.

World's Best actually feels good running through your hands. its texture is smooth as silk, which brings a little bit of pleasure to the proceedings -- who knew?

This litter possesses a light lavender fragrance -- a win-win for owners and their feline users, who quite like it. The experience is pleasant, because of excellent odor masking.

  • Powerful control of odor
  • Rapid clumping action makes cleanup effortless
  • Virtually zero dust

A Load off your Mind

Premium quality, odor-fighting cat litter is one of the best purchases you can make for your happy home. Before you poo-poo the idea, think of the healthier, more harmonious atmosphere this investment will inject into your life.

You are bound to have a better appetite, and your beloved cat, or family group of felines, will feel more at ease with consistent, continual calmness in the air.

What has been your personal experience with your cat’s litter leanings?

Please comment below to see if we agree on some of the important points regarding the best cat litter for odor control.

Or maybe we can air out our differences!