Best Cat Water Fountains: Ultimate Buyers' Guide for 2017

PetSafe Drinkwell

  • 168 oz water capacity
  • BPA free plastic design
  • Free-falling water stream

Drinkwell 360

  • 128 oz water capacity
  • 1-5 changeable free-falling streams
  • Adjustable flow control cap
  • 360 degree design

Catit Flower Fountain

  • 3 different water flow settings
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable height

In nature, the freshest water supplies above ground come from running water. Cats have thus evolved to associate rivers and streams as a fresh water supply, which in turn have biased them in a preference for drinking from moving bodies of water.

By getting a water fountain for your cat, it encourages them to drink and stay hydrated. Additionally, it displaces their want of drinking from the toilet (ew!) or from the kitchen sink.

Read on! We’ve listed the criterions we used to rate the top water foundations and then we go into a review of three different water fountains that we think will give you the most for your money!

Buyer’s Guide

Let's now discuss some key points when considering to buy a water fountain for your cats.

Number of Pets

This is a big one. If you have multiple cats and dogs, you need to be getting a water fountain that will be able to accommodate all of your pets – you certainly don’t want one of your furry friends to be left out. Cats get very feisty when taking turns at getting water so either you can get individual water fountains or find one that shoots out water from all angles.


Make sure you are not getting too tall of a water fountain. Your pets have not be able to reach the water fountain. If you purchase a drink well that is too tall for them, they might accidentally knock it over so consider the height of your animals, and then purchase accordingly.


Some of these running water fountains are always on when plugged in. Obviously, this can be a drain on your electric bill, so consider buying an outlet timer with these types of fountains.


Don't forget to buy extra filters! These are vital as they pull out any unnecessary minerals and metals from the tap water, making the water safe for drinking.


Most of the drink wells out there are not too pricey, but in the end, you get what you pay for. In this guide we tried to look for drink wells that would give you the most bang for your buck – we think we did a good job given that the models that are featured in this guide have multiple features and are under hundred dollars!

Top Recommended Water Fountains for Cats

Here are our top recommended cat water fountains!

#1 PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Stable cat trees for large or heavy cats
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Product names (left to right)FeaturesList Price
PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain168 oz water capacity, BPA Free plastic design, free-falling water stream to entice pets to drink more$ Check price
49.1549.15Amazon #{stars} logo(7,963+ reviews)
PetSafe Drinkwell Carbon Replacement FiltersRemoves bad tastes and odors from water. Made from coconut shells$ Check price
77Amazon #{stars} logo(1,740+ reviews)

First one of the lists is PetSafe – we loved this fountain for two reasons, its affordability and the fact that it is well-designed.

First things first, let’s talk about the height of the PetSafe – it is a 5-inch water stream. We found that 5 inch is not too tall, but it still makes a mesmerizing water fall sound that cats will be drawn to.

One thing we adored about the PetSafe is that it has a silent pump, if you look around, you’ll notice that one of the biggest complaints that customers have of pet fountains is that the pumps to these things are so frakking loud.

If you can only sleep in total silence, this is your best pick – the reason is that the pump on the PetSafe to be nearly silent, it doesn’t have the humming sound that most fountains are plagued by.

Furthermore, on the PetSafe is a flow control that allows you to adjust how much water is coming out of it – you can turn it all the way up to “fast” or “slow,” this is widely dependent on how your cat likes it. If your cat finds the fast setting too annoying, then you’ll have to turn it down a notch.

Another thing that we loved about PetSafe is the fact that it has a wide bowl for your furry friends to drink out of. If they find sipping water out of the air to be too tiring, then they can just sip it out of the large bowl that is provided.

Here’s the point, if you need a reliable water fountain for your animals you can’t go wrong with the PetSafe – it’s got a quiet pump, large water bowl, and simply all around great product.

#2 Drinkwell 360

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Product nameFeaturesFilter PriceList Price
PetSafe Drinkwell Zen128 oz water capcity, 1-5 changeable free-falling streams, adjustable flow control cap, 360 degree design $ Check price
12.9912.99Amazon #{stars} logo(375+ reviews)
$ Check price
89.9989.99Amazon #{stars} logo(340+ reviews)

If you have a bunch of cats, what we recommend is getting the Drinkwell instead – this pet fountain was built for owners that have multiple pets (dogs or cats!)

If you take a look at the Drinkwell, you’ll notice that water comes out of a 360 degrees top, which means that if you have multiple pets, they can drink from it at different angles. Perfect if you don’t want your pets to be fighting over who gets the water!

Here’s the point, if you need a fountain with a large water reservoir and need something that will accommodate multiple animals, then we recommend getting the Drinkwell today!

#3 Catit Flower Fountain

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Product nameFeaturesList Price
Catit Flower Fountain3 different water flow settings, ergonomic design and comfortable height for adult cats and kittens, whisker stress-free$ Check price
29.9929.99Amazon #{stars} logo(1,733+ reviews)

If you need a cheap and affordable fountain we recommend going with the Catit instead – this is a budget pet fountain that still gets the job done.

One of the main selling points of the Catit is the fact that it has a compact and efficient design – this fountain won’t take up too much space if you decide to put it in your kitchen. For all the people out there that have small kitchens, this is the pick.

Out of all its peers, we could not find another fountain that filtered the way that the Catit did. Armed with a multi-filter, the Catit makes sure that when you cat is drinking from the fountain, it doesn’t drink debris as well. That’s right, the multi-filter in the Catit purifies and softens tap water in a systematic way that hair, debris, and other sentiments are clean out.

Last but not least the Catit has a unique look – try finding another flowery looking drink well. (Don’t blame us if you can’t find one!) We know not everyone cares for the aesthetics but for all of you out there that do, the Catit is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing water fountains in the market.