Best Clumping Cat Litter

Best Clumping Cat Litter

If you’re looking around for the best clumping cat litter, you’re in the right place – we’ve done the research for you and here are our findings. Finding the right cat litter can be a challenge because you might not know what to look for.

What’s the difference between clumping and non-clumping litter?

Simply put, clumping litter is engineered so you can get feces and urine off the box without having to dispose of everything in a cat litter. Additionally, many clumping cat litters are designed so that urine does not drip to the bottom of a litter box.

On the other hand, without non-clumping litter, you’ll have to dispose of all the litter if your cat decides to leave a mess. Most if not all the non-clumping litter will not stop urine from aggregating to the bottom of a litter box.

So which ones better?

There’s not the definitive answer but here’s our take. Non-clumping litter is cheaper than clumping litter, but clumping litter is less of a hassle to clean up. You’ll also need to make sure your cat is comfortable in whichever one you pick!

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some criteria you should consider when looking for the best clumping cat litter!


Typically you’ll want to find a product that is dustless as it will save you the time and hassle of having to clean up the dust around the litter box. Not only will having a dusty litter make it an annoyance to clean up, your cat’s respiratory system can have some problems with it. Save a headache and just buy something that is dustless.


Ideally finding a product that’ll absorb the odor is what we looked for. A lot of litter products out there do a great job of absorbing the feces and urine but does a horrible job of absorbing the smell.


You’ll want to find something that will absorb the urine before it reaches the bottom of a litter box. This will save you the trouble of having to constantly clean up the mess that might build up at the bottom.


Clumping litter is a little bit pricier than non-clumping litter, but for the most part, they’re all still relatively inexpensive. But what we can say is that if you can find a litter that is a little bit more expensive but has no odor/dust, (which means less cleaning) it is VERY MUCH worth it.

Here are just some of the criterions that we took into consideration when we compiled this list!

#1 - The Precious Cat

Coming in at first place is the Precious Cat – a best seller on Amazon and the one that ultimately won first place!

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One of the main benefits of Precious is the fact that it is hypo-allergenic, this means that it contains no plant proteins. Additionally, Precious has no perfumes or deodorants. We only want the best for our furry friends so finding a product that was made without any toxic was important.

With the Precious, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after. Not only does the Precious prevent moisture from dripping to the bottom of a litter box, but it’s also 99.9% dust-free! Less mess, less work.

What we found is that the 40-pound bag will last you roughly 1 – 2 months – this may vary given how active your cat is. Even if you decide to change the litter on a daily basis, it should still last you roughly a month.

The only downside we could find with Precious is that it’ll sometimes stick to the side of a litter box. This is not too terrible but just be aware that when you’re cleaning out the litter box, you might have to scrap some pieces of litter off.

Here’s the point – if you need a cat litter that has no litter and no dust, pick up the Precious today!

#2 Blue Buffalo

Next on the list is the Blue Buffalo – if our main pick is out of stock to pick up the Blue Buffalo instead.

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One of the things we found in Blue Buffalo is that it is biodegradable – you’re not only getting a great product, but you’re also lending a hand to Mother Earth.

When we compared the price of the Blue Buffalo on Amazon and what one would in pet store – we found the prices to be comparable. Not only are you getting it cheaper on Amazon but with less hassle? Yes, please.

The thing that we found with the Blue Buffalo is that cat’s with sensitive paws seem to love it more. The litter is not as “hard” as some of the other products in the market.

The only complaint we have with Blue Buffalo is that it has a little dust – not too much that it’ll be a hassle to clean up but just something to be aware. If you need a dustless litter, just get our main pick (the Precious) but if a little dust is fine with you, just get the Blue Buffalo instead.

#3 Ever Clean

Last but not least is the Ever Clean – if you need a budget clumping cat litter, get this one instead.

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The great thing about the Ever Clean that we found lacking in its peers is the fact that it traps odor– in almost all of the Amazon reviews that we read, we found that when people poured Ever Clean into the box, and just left it there for a few days, they forget it was even there.

Additionally, we found that Ever Clean has a slight fragrance but more importantly Ever Clean will keep your house smelling like a dirty litter box. Just that fact makes the Ever Clean worth the money.

Our only gripe with Ever Clean is that it comes in a 42-pound bag which is a pain to pour out of. Our recommend is that you pour it into a container which allows you to pour it in a litter box, MUCH easier.

Why wait – pick up the Ever Clean today to get rid of all your dirty litter box problems.