Best Shampoo for Maine Coons
5 Things to Look for Before Making Your Buy

FURminator Hairball Control Shampoo

  • Helps reduce excess shedding
  • Helps prevent hairballs in cats
  • No parabens or chemical Dyes
  • Made in USA

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

  • Natural pet care
  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • Cruelty-free
  • Soap-free shampoo
  • Heavenly-scented
  • Safe, gentle and effective

Kelco Filthy Animal

  • Natural, pH balanced and biodegradeable
  • Made in the USA
  • With natural herbs, extracts, and essential oils

If you own a Maine Coon cat then you already know about their wonderful, lionesque coats. So thick! So long! So beautiful!

Maine Coons are a big breed to start with, and they have a spectacular coat – it’s one of the characteristics that make them look so imposing and majestic. You really would be forgiven for thinking you had a wild animal living comfortably beside you.

Like all gifts though, the Maine Coon coat comes with its own set of special responsibilities. As the owner of a Maine Coon you need to keep up a regular brushing and grooming schedule. Keeping that glorious fur smooth and mat-free is important.

Maine Coons have a huge variety of texture in their fur. Some have a very thick and bushy coat, especially during winter and if they’re allowed outside. Others have a very fine and silky coat. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re all prone to mats if that coat isn’t groomed properly.

Proper grooming does more than just keep your Maine Coon looking their absolute best. It’s also an important way to help maintain their health and manage the ongoing problem of furballs that can result if your Maine Coon is ingesting too much loose fur as they groom themselves each day.

Along with regular brushing and maintenance, you should occasionally bathe and shampoo your Maine Coon to help keep their coat in the best condition possible.

So what’s the best kind of shampoo for Maine Coon cats? Is shampoo dangerous for Maine Coon cats? How often should you shampoo your Maine Coon?

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about making sure your Maine Coon always looks like it’s just stepped out of a salon.

A guide to grooming your Maine Coon

Owners of Maine Coons know that without regular grooming, the breed quickly develops tangled “mats” in its long, luxurious fur.

A matted coat doesn’t look good, and it’s also stressful for the animal to deal. They’ll try to unpick the mats by themselves – and that’s a nearly impossible task.

You can manage the mats and keep your Maine Coon looking beautiful by following a simple two-step process.

1. Brush your Maine Coon every day

Daily brushing is the most important foundation of your Maine Coon’s grooming schedule. This is something you need to begin with when they’re a kitten, so that they get used to you using the brush over every area of their body.

The tummy area is especially important. Some cats love having their bellies rubbed and brushed, and will lie there with their paws in the air and their eyes closed in bliss.

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Others will bite your hand off as soon as you put it anywhere near their belly.

The best way to ensure you can always groom your Maine Coon’s tummy is by getting them used to it when they’re young. Be gentle, go slowly, and always stop once your cat seems to be losing patience. You can tell from a swishing tail or a sudden wide-eyed look that they’ve had enough of being handled.

This will teach your pussin that grooming is nothing to be afraid of. Believe me, it will make your life a lot easier as they grow up and their coats get longer.

2. Bathe and shampoo your Maine Coon regularly

If your Maine Coon goes outside, or has access to a “catio” or cat run, then you should consider bathing them every six weeks or so.

That long fur can drag in the dirt and catch plenty of burrs, leaves and twigs as they explore your garden and the area around your house. Leaving those items in the fur will lead to matting very quickly (of course, your daily brushing schedule should catch most of them, but dirt and mud can be hard to remove).

If your Maine Coon pussin is solely an inside animal, you will need to bathe them less frequently, but you should still be in the habit of doing it every eight weeks. This will help keep their fur in good condition, as well as helping to remove dead hairs in addition to the daily brushing schedule.

Lastly, there’s one issue you might not have thought of. Let’s just say – your Maine Coon has long hair all over, and you can get into poo-butt issues pretty quickly. God forbid your Maine Coon gets an upset tummy or diarrhea! Then a good shampoo is going to be your savior.

So what kind of shampoo should you use?

Never use a shampoo that has been designed for humans. This is absolutely critical. Human shampoo has chemicals and additives that you don’t want to use on your cat. Your Maine Coon is going to lick themselves all over after you’ve washed and dried them, and human shampoo residue can be toxic or even fatally poisonous to cats. Even baby shampoo can be harmful, with sulfates and dyes in the ingredient list of most common brands, so don’t be fooled.

Always use a special shampoo that is designed for cats. Cat shampoo is specially designed, knowing that your animal is going to lick their coat after they’ve been washed. They often include natural elements more than chemicals, and they will not have sulfates, dyes, parabens or petrochemicals in them.

Here are three top-selling, top-rated products to consider when you’re thinking about the best shampoo for your Maine Coon.

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

This is an all-natural, 100% biodegradable, soap-free, cruelty-free shampoo. It has a wonderful scent that comes from the addition of vanilla and almond. Oatmeal and almond help to look after your cat’s skin.

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FURminator Hairball Control Shampoo

This product gets great reviews. It helps to get rid of mats, detangle the fur and control deshedding in addition to helping manage the coat for hairballs. This company has a full range of shampoos and conditioners that you can choose from so that you’re using a product that perfectly suits your particular pussin.

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Kelco Filthy Animal Shampoo

Users love the heavenly scent of this product which works super well to keep fine, long hair tangle free. It’s made with natural oils, herbs and extracts and won’t harm your pet.

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After Shampooing your Maine Coon

After you’ve shampooed your Maine Coon, remember this: rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse again. Then keep rinsing. When you’ve finished rinsing, try rinsing. Think you’ve rinsed enough? It’s time to rinse some more.

It’s critical that you remove as much of the shampoo from your cat’s coat as you can. You know why! Because they’re going to lick themselves the minute you finish!

Every Maine Coon is different, but with regular grooming and attention you can keep your cat’s coat in tip-top condition.

Getting them to enjoy their bath? Well, that’s another article altogether!