Cat flea best treatment reviews

Fleas can be a huge hassle when they go untreated. They don't only affect your cat's health, but may also get up in your own bed and give you small bug bites! Additionally, they may carry the tapework Dipylidium caninum, which your cats can ingest while grooming. Luckily, it's not too difficult to prevent or treat them, and in a matter of a few days they should be gone.

How do I know if my cat has fleas?

Here are five ways to identify fleas in your home.

  1. Small black dots are jumping around your cat's fur.
  2. You start getting bites on your ankles, legs when sleeping in bed.
  3. You'll feel small, grainy-sand particles when running your hand through bed sheets (these are the flea feces).
  4. Your cat is biting and licking itself more than usual.
  5. You catch them when running a fine-toothed metal comb through your cat's fur. Make sure you keep a cup of detergent mixed with water to drown the fleas when you catch them.
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Ridding fleas off your cats

There are several products out in the market that claim to treat fleas including collars, shampoos, alcoholic sprays, powders, monthly topicals and oral medications. We've found that flea shampoos to be horrendously ineffective, and most cats dislike taking showers. Alcoholic sprays and topicals can be harmful, as cats will attempt to lick off the chemicals after you spray them.

Oral medications work GREAT!

I've found that oral medications are much more effective. These drugs contain chemicals that work only against insects, so they are completely safe for cats to ingest. What I do is crush this medication in with my cats' favorite wet food and my cats devour it within minutes! Thirty minutes later the fleas start dropping like flies.

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Removing fleas from your home

Removing fleas from your home is just as important as removing them from your cats. Adult fleas can lay up to 40-50 flea eggs in just one day! These eggs are able to last weeks embedded in your carpet so it's vital to spray some Fleabusters Rx onto your carpet overnight, then vaccuum.

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