Cat trees for large, heavy cat breeds

Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree

  • 24"L x 23.5"W x 87.5"H
  • 3+ Cats
  • 8-25 lbs Cats
  • Natural sisal rope, pressed wood

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

  • 26" L x 50"W x 72" H
  • 2-3 Cats
  • 8-20 lbs Cats
  • Natural sisal rope, compressed wood

Armarkat Cat Tree Condo

  • 40"L x 33"W x 80" H
  • 2-3 cats
  • 8-20 lbs
  • Plywood

Cats are naturally active creatures, needing to run around and jump from one furniture to another. Thus, it's important to get cat trees of the sturdiest quality, so that they last long, and never tip over. Obtaining a well-balanced cat tree is especially true if your cat is on the larger side, as the larger momentum can easily tip over a loose cat condo.

Besides being great play toys, cat trees are important to the development of cats, as they:

Now that you realize the importance of cat trees, let's look at what you should look for before making a buy.

What should I look for when selecting a sturdy cat tree?

Here is a list of points to look for in a high quality cat tree:

  • Don't go for tall, narrow towers with little base support. Unless you plan on securing them to the wall, they are bound to tip over.
  • Keep an eye out for stain-resistant quality carpeting. No strands should be uncoiling.
  • The scratching posts should be heavy-duty sisal rope - not the cheap kind that rip apart easily. This is so that your cats can use it to scratch instead of scratching your furniture. Additionally, make sure that the scratching posts are at least as tall as your cat, as they'll be standing up and stretching as they lay their claws on the post.
  • The base pieces should be made from wood, and feel heavy and durable. CARB certified boards are those that comply wihh Airborne Toxic Control Measure.
  • There should be hiding places, for fun and comfort.

What not to buy

When we bought our first cat tree, we went with the mentality of "the taller, the better," and eventually settled on a cheap 7' tower off of eBay. It seemed fine at first, we soon found it to be wobbly. Additionally, the carpeting strands were unwinding, and the pieces are very shaky, even after tightening.

Cat towers not to buy.
Cat towers not to buy.

The cats enjoyed it, but as soon as they grew into adult cats and gained some weight, the unit started feeling really unstable. There was one instance when Freddy was jumping off the top of the condo, nearly causing the unit to tip over!

Discount options for less than $100

Here are the top two recommendations for a quality cat tower that cost less than $100. The two products do use glue on their sisal rope, and a furry fabric in lieu of carpet, but the integrity of the towers will hold. They are known to be very sturdy, with the boards CARB certified. Additionally, the piece is very easy to assemble.

For a good quality cat tower that's over 6'5" and costs less than $100, you know you're getting a terrific deal!

Stable cat trees for large or heavy cats
Available on
Available on
Product names (left to right)DimensionsWeightList Price
Go Pet Club Cat Tree50" x 26" x 72"74 pounds$$ Check price
169.99169.99Amazon #{stars} logo(2,182+ reviews)
Merax Cat Tree Condo Cat Furniture House23.6" x 20" x 68.5"38.9 pounds$$ Check price
169.99169.99Amazon #{stars} logo(66+ reviews)

Sturdier and higher quality for under $200

Looking for a similar sized furniture as above, but with a smaller footprint and sturdier base? This cat tower is perfectly spaced, and strong enough to support multiple cat homes. It's 6 and a half feet and weight about 30 pounds (figure on left).

Stable cat trees for large or heavy cats
Available on
Available on
Product names (left to right)DimensionsWeightList Price
Family Cat Condo Cat Tree with Sky Lookout and Booster Base21" x 22" x 73"22 pounds$$ Check price
229.2229.2Amazon #{stars} logo(29+ reviews)
Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo - 75"+40" x 33" x 80"60 pounds$$ Check price
169169Amazon #{stars} logo(29+ reviews)

In case you want a tower that's more flexible, portable, and not constrained to just one location, try this four story round activity tower made out of canvas that is guaranteed to last long. It hangs perfects on your door, and provides hiding space for your shy kitties (figure on right).

Extra large, sturdy, and top-quality for over $200

If you're free on space, have multiple cats, and wouldn't mind spending some extra money to spoil your cats, try one of the cat trees below!

Available on
Product names (left to right)DimensionsWeightList Price
Go Pet Club 87" Tall Cat Tree42" x 23.5" x 87.5"22 pounds$$$ Check price
528528Amazon #{stars} logo(1+ reviews)

Hopefully this guide points you in the right direction for buying a tall cat tree. Any comments, recommendations or questions? Comment below!