Litter Robot III Open Air Ultimate Review
The Ultimate Guide to Reviewing the Litter Robot III


The Litter Robot III Open first glance it appears to be something supernatural but we kid you not, this is a super sophisticated litter box!

We know that your time is precious, and so is your pet. So why sacrifice one or the other? The Litter Robot III Open Air solves problems that you didn’t even know existed! Here we will break down how the Litter Robot III Open Air works, what you are getting for your money, it’s numerous features, and if it is all worth it. So let’s get started!

What exactly is the Litter Robot III Open Air?

The Litter Robot III Open Air is a self-cleaning automatic litter box for your kitty cat! Because it is self automated, you never actually have to sift or scoop any poop! Your cat simply steps into the Litter Robot, does his or her business, steps out, the waste (poops & pees) gets sifted away from the clean litter and instantly removed to the waste drawer below for easy cleanup.

The Litter Robot III Open Air is currently a top seller in the automatic litter boxes for cats market.
The Litter Robot III Open Air is currently a top seller in the automatic litter boxes for cats market.

How does the Litter Robot III Work?

Okay, but how does this device actually work?

So glad you asked!

  • The Litter Robot III Open Air has a sensor, sophisticated enough to detect both smaller and larger cats.
  • This sensor alerts the device that your precious pet has entered, and it also alerts the device when your kitty exits, so the machine can start working its magic. Okay, so this is where the magic happens!
  • With its patented sifting technology, the Litter Robot III Open Air:
    1. starts to slowly rotate
    2. at this point, all waste is slowly sifted through the clean litter
    3. waste is deposited into the drawer below
  • In this drawer below the machine, a bag captures the waste , so once the Robot indicates that the waste bin is full, the pet parent simply opens the draw, picks up the bag, and places it into the garbage and it is a no mess project! The Litter Robot III Open Air does this every single time a cat enters into the device, so it is perfect for a household with multiple pets.
Litter Robot III Review
The litter drops down into the waste bin. When full, a blue light is emitted.

How the Litter Robot III Open Air stand out from the rest

Here are some great points as to why the Litter Robot III is the best selling automatic litter robot out in the market.

  • Self-cleaning and automatic (duh!)
  • It has an easy to understand control panel
  • It’s ability to reduce odors - every pet parent’s dream!
  • Super large opening for even the biggest breeds of cats
  • Automatic night light for your kitty’s convenience
  • Blue light indicator turns on when waste disposal bin is full, so you never have to actually check it yourself
  • Saves litter, no more wasted product
  • It gives your cat privacy
  • This magical litter box is not built on empty promises - The company’s amazing customer service and 90 day money back guarantee and 18 month warranty
Litter Robot III Review
A built-in nightlight turns on automatically throughout the night.

Is the Litter Robot Open Air worth the money?


This Litter Robot III Open Air passes our test of truth. Yes, it is expensive at around $500 ($25 off with our Litter Robot link) but check the reviews on the company website and just about every other website on the web. This machine is the real deal. You do not need to buy any extra accessories, only the waste bags which is something you already normally buy, because, hello, how else are you going to dispose of your kitties little litter box treasures? And clearly with this machine there is no scooping, so there is no need to buy scoopers. Long gone are the days of washing, and constantly replacing, your cat’s litter pan and accessories. Also, there is no special brand litter required, only the ability to clump is needed litter-wise. The Litter Robot III Open Air will also save you money on litter, with its sift technology, there is no wasted litter.

You can also check out our other comparison reviews with other automated cat litter boxes, such as the Cat Genie to see how it compares against other top-leading brands.

Is the Litter Robot III Open Air a time-saver?

Totally!!! If you weren’t sold on the Open Air already, the mere fact that it is a total time saver should woo you over. There is no running around the house like a mad person trying to find a bag to put your kitty’s waste in, there is also no manual labor associated with the Litter Robot III Open Air, aka no more breaking your back digging and scooping for your kitty’s poopies, and finally there is literally no need for you to even go near this device until the end of the week to check the status of the waste bin. Over time you will realize this machine not only saves you money, but also saves you hours of time in messy cleanup.

Does this Litter Robot III Open Air reduce odors?

Yes, this device is made with carbon filters to fully contain odors, which is great if you have dust allergies or asthma. If a smelly litter box is a serious concern, consider checking out our 11 odor buster litter techniques.

  • No more holding your breath and coughing to clean up your cat’s waste, this machine does it all for you
  • Waste goes into the bag in the air-tight waste bin below, hence there is no smell to detect
  • Don’t let your home smell like Fluffy’s butt! With the Litter Robot III Open Air you will have your guests saying “You have cats??? I would never know by how clean your house smells” .. Ahh the smell of success

Is the Litter Robot loud?

The Litter Robot III Open Air can be loud as it does have to use its motors to rotate itself, but it isn't such an unpleasant sound to the ears.

  • There is also a timer, so you can specify when you want the Litter Robot to rotate and start cleaning itself
  • You can put it on ‘sleep’ mode for up to 8 hours, so the globe never turns to self clean for those hours. If you live in a studio and you are an extra light sleeper, this is your option.
  • There is no need to worry if it will frighten your cat, you can set the timer to clean-up up to 15 minutes after your kitty has done its business. No scaredy cats here!

Dimensions and Aesthetic:

Fully Assembled Product29.5"24.25"27"
Waste Drawer5" 12.5"16"
Oval Entryway15.5"10.25"
Internal Globe15-17" depends on litter lvl20"20"
Litter Bed14" max

The Litter Robot III Open Air weighs 24 lbs and has a beautiful aesthetic. It is designed to be noticed, so there is no embarrassment to have it out in the open. This machine does excellent in smaller areas, and it is a must have for tiny apartments. It comes in a chic cream color and has a futuristic vibe to it. Think of it more as a piece of art, rather than just another litter box.

Every product has its PROS:

  • Cuts down on litter use, which in turn saves money
  • Drastically reduces odors due to its carbon filters
  • It comes fully set up and put together, no assembly required, and it works right out of the box
  • Cats hate dirty litter boxes and this is a fabulous solution for constant cleanliness
  • Perfect to have if you are going on vacation (one less thing to worry about) because let’s face it, not everyone who watches your cats while you are gone likes to scoop poop!
  • There is an optional backup battery for purchase, which means that this will provide your Litter Robot III Open Air with 24-48 hours of reserved power in case of a power outage or failure
  • Programmable cycle timer so you can choose how many minutes you want to pass before this device self cleans itself. You can choose it to automatically clean itself 3, 7, or 15 minutes after your cat exits
  • Cats actually LOVE this litter box and are fascinated with it. Not to mention all cats adapt to it very well

And every product has it CONS:

  • It is on the larger side, but because of this it is easier for larger cats to enter and exit, and luckily the device is pretty enough to leave out on display
  • It is suggested to use their name brand bags with this litter box, but you don’t actually have to! It has been noted by many users (and a little bit of common sense) that you can substitute any type of trash bag you wish
  • It’s pricey, but like with anything, you truly get what you pay for!

Our Final Verdict? Definitely worth the buy and investment!

Our vote is in… And.. We really, really like the Litter Robot III Open Air! It is the answer to our prayers honestly. It is an upgraded version of their older one, which explains all of it’s amazing features and pros listed above. It’s hard to imagine our lives before it. Now there is no more worrying about the litter box responsibilities. With the Open Air there is no daily cleanup and no gross odors.

This machine takes the 'ick factor' out of kitty litter boxes. Another huge plus is that It is both cat and child friendly. There is virtually no risk associated with this litter box. No one is getting hurt here! We actually can’t recommend this litter box enough. It seems like such a simple joy, but it definitely brings continued happiness. Your kitty will definitely be showing you some extra loving attention after a few uses of his/her new Litter Robot III Open Air. This product is a win-win and we are so glad that it is out on the market!

Where can I buy a used Litter Robot III Open Air?

You can try purchasing a used litter robot on Craigslistor your local neighborhood classifieds. However, we recommend that you buy new directly from the company’s website with the ($25 off) link below: