LitterMaid vs. Litter Robot: Best Automatic Litter Box Cleaners
Comparison between the LitterMaid Classic and the Litter Robot III Open Air


Okay, so you know you want an automatic, self-cleaning, litter box for your kitty, but you are too overwhelmed with the numerous products out on the market right now. Well let’s compare two right here, right now! The Open Air Litter Robot is the newest product from AutoPets and it is quickly becoming a fan favorite. The LitterMaid Classic Mega self cleaning litter box trails right on the Open Air’s heels (or paws). So let’s get to it and see how they stack up against one another! May the best litter box win!

A comparison between the LitterMaid vs. the Litter Robot.
A comparison between the LitterMaid vs. the Litter Robot.

1) Setup and Aesthetics:

LitterMaid Classic Mega Litter-Robot Open Air
Dimensions 37"L x 17.5"W x 8.5"H 29.5”H x 24.25”W x 27”D
Weight 13.2 lbs 24 lbs
So you open the box, what's next?Easy setup, no tools required, assembly within minutesFresh out of the box, it comes fully assembled (miracles do happen)!
Honestly, is it attractive?Resembles a litter box, nothing special to look atVery futuristic and chic looking

We say the Open Air Litter Robot wins this one. No offense to the LitterMaid , but it requires more setup and it is quite an eyesore compared to the Open Air.

Verdict: Litter-Robot Open Air due to its quick and easy setup and techy-looking body.

2) Features

LitterMaid Classic Mega Litter-Robot Open Air
Carbon Filters to Reduce OdorsYesYes
Backup BatteryYesYes
LED Night LightYesNo
Motion Center for KittyYes Yes
Adjustable Timer for Cleanup After Kitty ExitsYes, 3, 7, or 15 minsNo, auto cleans after 10 mins
Paw Cleaning RampYes, but very tinyYes
Good for Multiple CatsYesYes
Indicator for When Waste Bin is FullYesNo

The Open Air Litter Robot and LitterMaid have very similar features. They also both require that you use any brand clumping litter, which is nice and easy for pet parents. In our opinion, the Litter Robot III Open Air wins because of its programmability. With this device you can choose for it to auto clean itself as fast and 3 minutes after your kitty exits. This is an amazing feature if you have multiple cats that like to “go” right after one another.

Verdict: Litter-Robot Open Air due to its convenient programmability.

3) Let’s talk about PRICE.

LitterMaid Classic Mega Litter-Robot Open Air
Total Initial Cost$449$179
Weekly Upkeep (for 1 cat): Filter1 filter lasts a few monthsA pack of 3 is $19 1 lasts a week, $20 gets you 12 filters
Weekly Upkeep (for 1 cat): Waste Receptacle1 waste receptacle lasts up to 1 week, you can use any trash bag which drastically minimizes monthly price1 waste receptacle lasts up to 1 week, $22 gets you 12 receptacles, must use name brand
How Much Litter Will This Save Me?Promises to save you up to 50% with multiple catsNowhere does it say anything about its litter saving capabilities

Okay.. so the takeaway.. initially the Litter Robot III Open Air will cost you, but in the long run it will save you money and even something money can’t buy - your precious time!

Verdict: TIE Littermaidfor its short-term cost-saving effects, but Litter-Robot Open Air if you're in it for the long-game.

Let’s get to the fourth point where we talk about how much less effort you need to put into the Open Air vs. the LitterMaid.

4) But will these self-cleaning, automated machines actually save you time?

Yes and no. It is widely reported that the Litter-Robot Open Air will save you tons of time and effort. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the LitterMaid Classic Mega. Let’s see how they compare:

Litter Robot III Open Air:

  • You rarely need to check on this machine. Only towards the end of the week.
  • It has an LED blue light indicator, which turns on when waste bin is full.
  • Because of its globe structure, kitty never pees on any parts to compromise the machine’s ability to clean.
  • Kitty likes a clean box every time and with the Open Air you will never have to worry about the device being dirty or malfunctioning.

LitterMaid Classic Mega:

  • You never know when the waste bin is full, unless you manually check on it.
  • Many customers report problems and they wind up having to troubleshoot and manually clean the device.
  • Cats often pee on the components.
  • Soft poopies get stuck to the moving rake, making a big mess that requires cleaning.
  • Often the rake just breaks apart the waste, in turn nothing gets into the waste receptacle and yet again you find yourself manually cleaning the machine.
  • At this point, there is virtually no time saved, if not more time wasted, cleaning and fixing a machine that is supposed to do it all for you

Bottom Line: After extensively searching the web for consumer reviews, the Litter-Robot Open Air wins by a landslide and the Classic Mega falls flat. Womp.

Verdict: Litter-Robot Open Air due to its good reviews and extra features from other websites.

5) And ... just in case ... let’s talk about warranty!

The Litter Robot III Open Air has the crème de la crème of warranties. This company really stands by its products. The Open Air comes with an 18 month warranty, no matter where the litter box was purchased from. During this 18th month period, should it need repairing, the Open Air will be 100% covered at no cost to you. Literally everything is covered, right down to the shipping and handling! Believe it! Ohh, and there is also an option to extend the warranty for a total of 3 years of coverage. If you buy this extension at the same time as your product purchase, you will only pay $49.99. If you purchase it later the cost is $99.99

Is the above warranty not convincing enough?? The people at AutoPets want you to be so satisfied with your Litter Robot III Open Air that they give you a 90 trial period, so you and Fluffy have time to fall in love with it. If you and Fluffy are not happy with it, just send the unit back within the 90 day period, pay for postage, and forget about it.

Verdict: Litter-Robot Open Air due to its warranty being more extensive and comprehensive.

Can the LitterMaid Classic Mega keep up?

The LitterMaid has a 1 year warranty attached to it. This warranty states that no matter what, you are 100% responsible to cover all postage, even if there is a defect with the device. Also, this litter box is not covered for accidental damage.

Sadly the LitterMaid Classic Mega cannot keep up with the Litter Robot III Open Air and it loses in this matchup.

6) We didn’t talk about NOISE yet …

The Open Air is a tad noisy, but nothing unpleasant to the ears. It sounds like something is rotating (duh) and can be comparable to other humming devices.

Now the LitterMaid Classic Mega is definitely more noisy. The rake part of it, which is the part that sifts the waste, sounds like a drill! Totally unpleasant and screechy like. We were hoping that the LitterMaid would win in the noise department, but sadly it does not.

The Open Air wins again.

Verdict: Litter-Robot Open Air due to its quietness, you won't even know it's there!

7) Okay cat lovers let’s cut to the chase! Who is the winner in this litter box face-off?

Drumroll please . . . . The Litter Robot III Open Air is the winner! Kind of a no brainer based on our analysis. Many customers reported the LitterMaid Classic Mega a failure, and not worth their money. We had higher hopes for the LitterMaid, but I guess all litter boxes can’t be created equal. The Litter Robot III Open Air is the clean winner here and definitely worth the purchase. Especially with its 90 day trial period, if you have given up all hope on your kitty’s current litter box situation, the Open Air could very well be the answer you were looking for.