Odor Free Litter Box: 11 Odor Buster Cat Litter Techniques

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It's tought to come home to a stinky room. Of course, the smell is inevitable, but what is the best way to minimize it? Let's go over the top 11 ways to reduce litter box smell.

1) Train your cats to cover their poop

First off, it's important that your cat is potty trained and knows that he/she should cover his poop! Cats instinctively cover their poop to avoid predators out in the wild, but may lose that instinct due to domestication. Another reason for not covering poop is that the litter box is too small, taking us to our next point.

2) Use a larger litter box (or go fully automatic!)

A large open litter box is going to be much better than a small, closed one. You may think a closed litter box will help control the smell, but it may just restricts the cats' movement, making it difficult for them to cover their poop.

Ensure that your cats' litter box space is large enough so that they are able to maneuver and cover their poop. Here are two largest litter boxes that get the job done, both available on Amazon.

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Another great idea is to go full automatic, and buy the Litter Robot. Consider checking out our Litter Robot review!

3) Open the windows or turn on your air purifier

It's important to keep a flow of air throughout the litter box room, otherwise the stench can load itself on furniture and carpet. If you want extra air filtration, consider investing in a pet air filter. Check out our extensive guide on selecting the best air purifier. We place this filter (shown below) in the room with the litter box, and turn it on right after cleaning out the litter box, clearing out the smell.

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4) Make sure there's enough litter

Make sure to add at least 3 inches of litter in your cats' litter boxes. It's difficult for cats to cover their droppings, if they have nothing to cover it with!

5) Feed high protein, low carbs cat food

If you're buying the cheapest cat food available in the pet store, it's probably loaded with carbohydrates (rice, wheat, grains) and little protein. This will cause your cat to poop much more than if he/she were on a proper diet, which should consist primarily of meats. Check out our post on the top three dry food brands for more information on selecting the best diet for your cat.

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6) Increase the number of litter boxes

Sometimes your cat won't want to cover his or her poop due to the lack of space and clean litter. If you're too busy to take out the litter once a day, consider buying an extra litter box.

7) Frequently clean out your litter box

Some cat owners don't realize that they need to change out the cat litter entirely at least once every three weeks. If not, you'll have a litter box full of small particles making for a very dusty cleanup every time you take out the litter box.

Additionally, it's important to clean your litter box at least once a day.

8) Litter the Right Litter

Buying a premium litter may be actually worth the extra cost. There are several brands out there that contain perfumes that soak up the smell. However, these are not recommended by veterinarians, as they are strong and may not be suitable for your cats.

The best litters are those that have a natural, organic smell. I use The World's Best Cat Litter, which has a very low, subtle and natural odor to it.

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9) Cat Litter Deodorizers

On top of quality litter, you can use powder deodorizers to eliminate bad smell, and keep your box fresh longer.

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10) Keep the area around clean

If your cat's the messy type, it's important to keep the areas around clean. I found it useful to have this BlackHold Litter Mat around the litter box to keep the litter off the carpet.

Consider installing a cat litter carpet.
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11) Vacuum the floor often

Litter smell can not only come from the box, but also from the area around it, especially if your pet drags out the litter with him or her. To reduce this smell, make sure you're vacuuming around it. Check out our guide on selecting the best vacuum here. If you're more into automation, try looking at investing in a Roomba for cat hair.

Make sure you vacuum the carpet consistently
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Hope that helped in how to reduce cat litter odor! Any other tips you want to share? Comment below!