How to Stop Cats from Catching Birds
3 ways to stop your cat from catching birds

Out in the wild, cats are instinctively trained to catch birds, rodents and small insects as their food source. They are estimated to kill 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds in the US alone . This natural behavior comes from their wild ancestors, who never relied on humans to give them food.

Cats will bring these meals home as an offering to their owners, or so that they may safely enjoy their catch without being disturbed by another cat or predator. It's important to mind the mental well-being of your cats and allow them to go on their outdoor excursions, but at the same time we must be careful not to disturb the local wildlife.

Cats are natural predators in the wild.
Cats are natural predators in the wild.

How do I stop my cat from hunting?

The simplest answer to this is to keep them indoors, but we all know that many cats have a tendency to go outside. Here are the top three methods of keeping your local wildlife safe from your cat.

1) Birds be safe collar

One approach that has proven to reduce bird catche by nearly 90% is the Birdsbesafe collar. These collars are decorated with eye-catchingly bright colors so that birds may quickly notice their predator is near.

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2) Cat Bib

Another solution is having your cats wear a cat bib. This prevents your cat from taking quick leaps forward and pouncing on their prey. These bibs come in different sizes according to your pet's neck diameter, so measure before you buy!

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3) Breakaway collar with two bells

The simplest approach is to buy a breakaway collar and place at least two bells on it. This will allow your cats' prey to escape when hearing your cat is nearby. A study titled, Bells Reduce Predation of Wildlife by Domestic Cats show how wearing a bell can reduce the amount of wildlife killed by your cats in half. Make sure you put the collar on such that there's only a finger's-worth of space. Otherwise the collar may be too loose, and may come off!

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Other ways to prevent your cat from hunting include:

  • Making sure your cat is well fed
  • Imposing a cat curfew ( Cats tend to hunt during dusk or dawn, when small rodents are out, so try to limit your cats' outdoor times during those times. However, birds tend to be out all day.
  • Try playing with your cats indoors so that they don't have the need to release their angst outdoors.

Any other methods you have seen proven to be successful? Make sure to comment below with your suggestions!