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Best GPS Chip Trackers for Cats

Browse the best tracking devices with GPS enabled for cats. Check out the top 5 things to look for when purchasing tracking chips in our buyers' guide.

Top 11 Personalized Cat Memorial Ideas

Losing your furry pet friend is one of the hardest things many will go through. Check out the top 11 best personalized cat memorial ideas to remember your pet by.

Best Cat Stroller Reviews

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Best Cat Brush for Shedding

Cat fur all up in your home? Find the best cat brush for shedding in our top 5 reviews!

Best Cat Harness for Walking

Interested in taking your cat on a walk, but want to make sure he/she is comfortable and doesn't escape? Check out our guide on selecting the best cat harnesses for walking

How to Stop Cats from Catching Birds

Find the most effective ways to stop your cat from catching, killing and bringing in birds and mice.

Probiotics for Cats - 11 FAQ's

Wondering if probiotics are right for your cat? Here are 11 frequently asked questions!

Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomachs and Diarrhea

Find cat foods for sensitive stomachs. Browse through our buyers' guide to learn about why your cat is having diarrhea, and the different diets that can help relieve your cat!

Top 3 best dry cat foods brands

Find what ingredients to look for and avoid for selecting the top-rated cat foods.

Top 5 Cat Trees for Bengals

Looking for a cat tree for your bengal cat? Look no further and check out our guide for the best cat trees for bengals!

Best Protection for Furniture from Cats

Cats scratching your furniture? Learn the best ways to protect your furniture from your cats with our guide!

Removing Pet Stains off Carpet

Cat spraying all over your nice carpet? Got urine odor all over your home? Check out our guide to removing pet stains off carpet!

Best Cage Banks for Groomers, Animal Shelters and Veterinary Hospitals

Looking to buy a cage bank for cats or dogs? Check out our top choices and buyers' guide to view the best stainless steel cage banks!

Roomba for Cat Hair (2017): 9 Need-to-Know Features

Looking for the best Roomba for cat hair? Learn about the key differences and features among the 650, 770, 860, 880, 960 and 980 Roomba series to see which one is best for your needs.

Vacuum Cleaner for Cat Hair on Carpet: 7 Must-Have Features

Looking for the best upright vacuum to manage your cat hair? Check out our guide and reviews to selecting one today!

DIY Catio with PVC Tubings

Learn how to build your own catio for your outdoor cat with PVC tubings through our design guide and tutorial!

Best Probiotics for Cats with Diarrhea & Constipation

Check out our guide in selecting the best probiotics to keep your cats' inner system happy and well-maintained.

Best Calming Supplements for Cats

Have a feisty can't who seems restless? Check out our guide in how to pick the best calming supplements for cats!

Best Cat Pee Cleaner

Looking for the best formulation to clean cat pee? Check out our buying guide with recommendations now!

How to Live with Cats when you're Allergic

Love having your cats around but are allergic to them? Learn how to best live with your cats, even when you have allergies!

Embrace Cat Insurance - A Comprehensive Review

Considering Embrace pet insurance for your cat? Check out our comprehensive review to find out if it's best for you!

Cat flea best treatment reviews

Fleas are a common concern, especially in warm areas. Learn how to best guard your pet against flea problems.

Best Litter for Maine Coons

Looking for the best litter for your pet cat Maine Coon? Check out our buying guide before you buy!

Big XXL Size Litter Boxes

Looking for a big, XXL-sized litter box? Check out our guide to selecting the top three litter boxes!

LitterMaid vs. Litter Robot: Best Automatic Litter Box Cleaners

Looking for the best automatic litter box cleaner? Check out our comparison review between LitterMaid vs. the Litter Robot III Open Air open air.

Odor Free Litter Box: 11 Odor Buster Cat Litter Techniques

Learn the 11 different litter box odor solutions for odor control including best litter to use.

Best Cat Collars that Stay On

Tired of having your cat walk back into the home with a missing collar? Check out our guide and recommendations on the best cat collars that stay on!

Best Cat Carriers for Large Cats (+Maine Coons)

Need a big enough cat carrier for your large Maine Coon kitty? Browse our buying guide today!

Nail Clippers for Cats

Looking for the best nail clippers for cats? Check out our guide on how to clip nails, along with our top recommended products!

Best Cat Car Carrier with Litter Box

Traveling and need a cat carrier with a built-in litter box? Check out our reviews and recommendations for the best cat car carrier with a built-in litter box!

Top 17 of the Funniest cat costume ideas

Planning on dressing up your cat? Try these top-rated funniest costumes from pirates to sushi to Princess Leia!

Best Airline Carriers for Nervous or Difficult Cats

Looking to take your nervous or difficult cat on an airline flight? Check out our tips and recommendations to help you select the best airline approved cat carriers.

Best Cat Water Fountains: Ultimate Buyers' Guide for 2017

Have a picky or stubborn cat not willing to drink from a bowl of still water? Check out our list of the best cat water fountains and how they can benefit your cat!

Best Automatic Dry Cat Food Dispensers (with Timers)

Compare the top 3 best rated automatic dry cat food feeders. Check out our buyers' guide that will help you make your final decision.

Best stainless steel drinking fountains for cats

Find the best stainless steel drinking water fountain reviews for your pet cats.

Best Cat Carrier for Two Cats

Have two cats you're traveling with? Check out our guide in how to select the best carriers that suit both your kitties!

Best Perches for Large Cats (+Maine Coons)

Looking for the best perch for your Maine Coon or other large cat? Browse our buying guide today!

Best Cat Scratching Posts for Large Cats (+Maine Coons)

Check out our buying guide to purchasing cat scratching posts for large cats and Maine Coons!

Cat Friendly Space Heaters

Want to get warm and snuggly with your cats, but don't know which heaters are safe for cats? Read our guide and find out the best recommended space heaters for cats.

Cat trees for large, heavy cat breeds

Have a heavy, fat cat? Check out our list of the top stable cat condos, trees, posts and furnitures for your large cats!

Air Purifiers for Cat Litter Dust, Allergies & Odor: 11 Need-to-Know Features

Check out our 11 hottest tips for buying the best HEPA qualified air purifier that filters out litter dust, litter box odor, dander and hair.

Best UV Black Light for Cat Urine Detection

Does your home smell like cat urine, but you're not sure where it's coming from? Try purchasing a UV black light to outline where exactly the stench is!

Best Lotion for Sphinx Cats

Does your sphinx cat have a strange skin condition? Check out how the best lotions for it here in our guide!

Best Shampoo for Maine Coons

Need to shower your fluffy Maine Coon kitty, but not sure what the best shampoo product is? Browse our buying guide before making your purchase today!

Beginning Clicker Training for Cats

Do you need to correct bad cat behavior or have a misbehaving, entitled cat? Learn how to use a simple clicker to make your cats obedient!

Is Catnip Good for your Cats?

Catnip can act as a hallucinogen, but it is completely nontoxic to cats. In fact, it may even be a good thing to give your cats catnip every once in a while!

9 Classical Tunes Your Cats May Enjoy

Check out these classical tunes that your cats may enjoy!

Best Odorless Litter Box

Looking for the best odorless litter box set up? Search no further! Check out our guide on the best litter box with no odor!

Best Clumping Cat Litter

Got mushy cat litter and looking for the best clumpy cat litter? Check our our guide to Amazon's best clumping cat litter!

Litter Robot III Open Air Ultimate Review

Check out our in-depth review on the Litter Robot III Open Air where we cover how it works, and why it's the best automatic self-cleaning litterbox out in the market.

How many litter boxes do I need?

The general rule of thumb is one litter box per cat plus one, but you can easily get away with just two if you clean them out daily.

Best Puzzle Feeder for Cats

Looking to increase your cat's IQ with puzzle feeder? Look no further with our guide!

Best Catio for Apartment Balcony

Find the best cat enclosure for your apartment balcony.

How to Keep Cats Out of your Yard

Does the neighborhood cat keep getting into your backyard? Check out our tips on how to keep these cats out!

Best Cat Calming Spray Reviews

Is your cat vicious, or acting up? Check out our guide on how to look for the best cat calming spray!

Natural Flea Treatment for Cats

Check out our guide to natural flea treatment for cats!

How to Stop your Cat from Spraying Outside the Litter Box

Do you have a problem with your cat spraying outside litter box because your cat may not be neutered or fixed? Perhaps its the heat or for territorial reasons that's causing your cat to do this. Read more about the problem here!

How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog

Got a new cat but have no idea on the friendliest way to introduce it to your dog? Check out how on Cat Snipcademy!

Top Litter Box for Big Cats

Check out our guide on how to select the best litter boxes for larger cats!

Best Outdoor Litter Boxes

Looking for the best outdoor litter box? Check out our guide to selecting the best litter box for the outdoorsy cat!

Best Cat Litter for Odor Control

Got a smelly litter box? Find out the best litter box setup to reduce cat litter odor and breathe easier!

Cat Genie vs. Litter Robot: Best Automatic Litter Box Cleaners

Looking for the best automatic litter box cleaner? Check out our comparison review between Cat Genie 120 vs. the Litter Robot open air.

Best videos for your cats to watch

Find the top entertaining videos for your cats to watch including fish, mice, and squirrels!